Jackie Aina has become one of the most popular beauty influencers on the internet because of her expert makeup savvy and willingness to call out the beauty industry's lack of diversity — no matter what

She's been making her way up the beauty ranks for nearly 10 years, and at this point, many fans feel like they know her. That's why her nickname is Aunt Jackie.

But despite all people know about Jackie Aina after her years on YouTube, there are still *so many* cool details about her. Here are some crazy facts you probably didn't know about Jackie Aina.


In her first YouTube makeup tutorial, Jackie didn't talk at all

LOL. Aunt Jackie's come a long way. Watch the Youtube tutorial here.


Jackie is a proud Army veteran!

Jackie Aina has been a beauty influencer for almost 10 years, and the majority of that time she was a full time member of the Army reserves. 


She even made makeup and hair youtube tutorials about how to stay glam and remain within army dress code guidelines. Watch her 2014 military makeup tutorial down below:

"Women who serve are multi-faceted. We are multi-talented and we all bring different skills to the table," she said about being a makeup lover in the military. 

"This is me. I can only be me. It’s important to me because I LOVE doing makeup. I also love to serve. Fortunately for me, the two careers that I have don’t clash with each other. They completely work perfectly and I’m able to serve with style and class of course.”


Though she isn't in the Army anymore, she still loves her camo and wears it ALL THE TIME. 


When she first started her Youtube channel in 2009, she was married and living in Hawaii with her spouse.


Aina and her spouse divorced and she left Hawaii for California with “$300 in her pocket," according to a personal video she shared on her channel.


She returned to Hawaii years later, did a makeup tutorial in Hawaii, and celebrated being able to return to the island in a much better place.

"A LOT has changed since my first year on YouTube," she wrote in a personal note on her channel.

"A friend of mine invited me back to the island for a visit and I must say it feels really good to be back on the island again especially being in a whole different place in my life, career, love, etc. Here's to new memories!"

She also used the money from her old wedding ring to put a down payment on a car. Because: BOSS.


She and Alissa Ashley are actually friends IRL.

Alissa Ashley and her twin sister Arnell Armon attended Jackie's 30th birthday. Alissa was also there for Jackie Aina's second highlighter launch for La Peach with Artist Couture. They all went shopping for new video lights together the day after Alissa hit 1 million followers. 


Jackie Aina got Alissa Ashley this camera lens for her birthday. 

Can I be your friend too, Jackie?


Jackie has hyperhidrosis — a genetic condition that causes excessive sweating in certain areas of the body.

"It kind of feels like being prisoner in your own body for something you can't control at all," she shared in a Facebook post.

As a child, she used corn starch under her armpits, where she has the most sweat. Today, she Aina wears clothes with breathable fabric and gets Botox in her armpits to stop the sweating.

Watch Jackie Aina's hyperhidrosis confession and Cotton clothing collection on her Youtube channel.


She recommends LOTS of cotton fabric to help with hyperhydrosis and partnered with the Cotton brand for a favorites Capsule Collection

photo: Cotton

By the way, the "Work Smarter" T-shirt Aina is wearing as a dress is from her fiancé, Denis's, Work Smarter Lifestyle clothing brand.


She got her "Jackie Jackie Jackie" Youtube intro song from an old twerking record by rapper Jacki-O and the Ying Ying Twins. You can watch Jackie do her tune down below. 

If you dare, you can check out the original Jacki-O record here

(Warning: There's lots of twerking, cursing, and you know, hip-hop shit going on in the hip-hop video.) 


Jackie Aina does a hilariously accurate impression of the rapper DMX.

Watch Jackie become DMX here

(Note: The barking starts at 5:45)


Before Jackie served makeup tutorials on YouTube, she tutored kids in high school.


Jackie Aina loves decorating her home, and got especially excited to decorate it for the holidays. She decorated this entire Christmas tree by herself.


Her beauty blog used to be called Makeup Game On Point.

If you type MakeupGameOnPoint.com in your address bar, it'll still take you to Jackie Aina's website.


Speaking of JackieAina.com, Denis learned how to build a website just so he could make it for her. 

*cries real tears* That is CRAZY sweet.


Jackie and Denis dressed as Ed and Dexter Reed from Nickelodeon's "Good Burger" for Halloween 2017.

"Imma dude he's a dude she's a dude we're all dudes YEA," she captioned her Instagram photo, complete with a burger emoji.


In 2016, she made super quick (yet GENIUS) makeup and hair Halloween costumes paying homage to rapper Lil'Kim.


Jackie Aina boldly started the B.O.M.B. Youtube challenge where she encouraged non-Black Youtubers to create full makeup faces with all Black-owned brands.

"We use beauty brands that were started from non-Black people all the time so it just doesn't make sense that people shy away from beauty brands because they're Black-owned," she said during her challenge video

"Because apparently people only think that Black people can use those beauty brands. That's not the case."

Non-Black Youtubers like Stephanie Nicole, Samantha Smiley, and  jumped on the train as well as Youtubers of color like HeFlawless, Too Much Mouth, and Makeup Shayla.


She's the oldest of seven siblings! Here are two of her sisters, Toyin (left) and Folake (right).


Her sister Folake Aina is a also a budding influencer. 

Follow her Youtube channel here


Let it be known: Jackie doesn't mind going ANYWHERE looking like a snack. This is how she rolled up to a Black Panther showing.