As one of the biggest Black beauty influencers around, Jackie Aina has experienced a fair amount of racist trolling. When you're someone who is very vocal about diversity and representation in the beauty industry, the haters come for you.

But Jackie is firing back.

Her latest Instagram posts show how far we all truly have to go for beauty representation in 2017. 

Racist trolls attacked Jackie Aina's Instagram after she posted a photo wearing formal Nigerian attire.

???????? Custom creation by @oloriswim

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Aina's father is from Nigeria while her mother is American, she said in a Refinery29 interview. However, for trolls that wasn't enough proof of her heritage, as they insinuated that she's not African enough to wear African clothing. WTF?? 

However, a screenshot is worth a thousand words. Aina quickly posted the ignorant comments she received on Twitter.

Things get real racist REAL FAST.

"Why are you dressed like an African?" a user asked.

"You will never be a NIGERIAN if that was not your place of birth," another user said.

Aina was kind enough to block their names (too kind in my opinion), but it just highlights the amount of discrimination that she has to deal with as an influencer of color. From Jeffree Star calling her an "irreverent rat" to the hateful, racist comments she receives on her videos, Aina's had to deal with a lot more than she should. 

In a Refinery29 video, Aina shared what it was like growing up and not being considered African enough.

"It was always a tug between being African in America, and what it's like being African but not from Africa," she said.

Aina has the right to identify however she damn well chooses, and it's NOBODY ELSE'S JOB to tell her how to celebrate her heritage.

fine gyel, maybe a few pimple ????

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In an industry where models and campaign images are overwhelmingly white, we need leaders like Aina to champion diversity. Influencers of color are in a special place where they can use their platform to celebrate much-needed diversity in beauty. Therefore, if someone chooses to recognize their background, that should be supported, not criticized. And if you disagree, be prepared for Aina's receipts.