Jackie Aina is SLAYING all through these beauty and entertainment streets! 

In 2018, she's hit 2 million followers on Youtube, won a NAACP Image award, hosted Nicole Richie on her channel, and is *still* earning the coins from her Artist Couture highlighter collab.

And it's only March.

Now the superstar influencer is about to add TV to her list of accomplishments, thanks to a new beauty skit filmed with comedian Kevin Hart!

That's right! Jackie Aina is dabbling in comedy, and honestly? It's so fitting!

She began teasing her Kevin Hart collaboration over a week ago. 

"Guess who's shooting with @KevinHart4real today," she wrote.

Fans were shook just by the announcement.

"First Nicole Richie and now Kevin Hart? I'm SHOOK," one of her followers tweeted.

Finally, Aina announced the project she and Kevin Hart have joined forces to create.

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The skit was shot with Kevin Hart for his comedy brand LOL Network and features Kevin Hart leaving Aunt Jackie in charge of giving his team makeovers. 

"That project I teased is finally out," she captioned this Instagram clip.

"Can you guys believe this was my very first acting gig!?! Thank you @kevinhart4real and @LOLnetwork for having me!"

Watch Jackie Aina and Kevin Hart's full beauty episode down below.

*does the bounce while singing the Jackie song*

Jackie Aina has officially hit Hollywood and it's so great to see her having fun and trying different things. 

She's lovely at delivering beauty product reviews and great at snatching wigs off of brands for excluding dark-skinned people — but one of Aina's other strengths is that she is often FUNNY AS HELL while doing it. 

I suspect this isn't the last we'll see of Jackie Aina in film. Stay tuned for what's next.