Beauty lovers, gather around — makeup drama is ensuing.

And it involves one of your favorite vloggers and one of your favorite brands.

Last week, Jaclyn Hill released a Morphe brush kit that she'd curated personally.

The kit sold out in minutes — twice — but things went immediately downhill from there.

Hill's comment sections blew UP with complaints about the allegedly poor quality of Morphe's brushes.

And that a selection of YouTubers have recently been promoting the brand a little too aggressively.

Most are concerned that the discrepancy between the promotion and the quality makes influencers disingenuous or fraudulent.

Although Morphe brushes are beloved by many for their relative affordability, their excessive shedding has been a point of frustration in the beauty world for YEARS.

And, as YouTuber John Kuckian notes, Morphe is most likely a "private label" brand, which raises certain ethical questions.

Brands that buy private-label cosmetics purchase generic products directly from laboratories, slap their branding on the packaging, and sell them at a higher price point.

Quality concerns aside, multiple customers also say their Jaclyn Hill bundle orders were cancelled with no explanation.

Nevertheless, countless people have come to both Jaclyn's AND Morphe's defenses.

Many claim that they buy Morphe brushes frequently and have never held issues with the quality level.

This debate over this has gotten so heated that Hill straight-up disabled her YouTube comments.

That's a rarity for most beauty YouTubers. Hateful comments are the bread and butter of YouTube, so you know it's bad when the comment section comes down.

Hill has condemned several YouTubers for allegedly spreading false and inflammatory information and has retweeted several supportive statements, but has yet to comment on Morphe's customer complaints.

And until she does, her fans will pretty much stay just like this:

photo: Giphy

So whose side are you on?

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