photo: Instagram/James Charles

James Charles is full of surprises, one of which will be revealed Friday. The never-boring YouTuber just took to Twitter to announce that something big is on its way. And while many of the guesses are makeup related, many fans have some very different ideas. 

Could this be that long-awaited album everyone has been anticipating? Or is a new tour in the works? We're not sure, but fans think they have it figured out. 

James Charles has something big coming. 

And he'll drop the news on Friday. "I just finished filming my special announcement that I've been talking about for weeks now ... It'll be on my channel on Friday!!!! It's not a new product, but it IS a project I've been working on for THREE years. I can't wait to share with you guys," he wrote on Twitter. 

Of course, fans began to speculate about what it could be. 

Needless to say, first thoughts were that Charles would be launching another variation of his highly sought-after Morphe palette. A guess that doesn't seem too farfetched. "James Charles X Morphe Miniature Mini Palette," one response to the tweet read. 

However, one Reddit thread had other ideas.

"I'm guessing it's an album," one Redditor wrote, to which one responded that it would be a very specific album. "A sister Christmas album," they exclaimed. And seeing as the holidays are around the corner, we wouldn't doubt it. Could Charles be planning to belt it out in honor of Christmas?

Could it be something else?

One fan took to Charles' tweet to express that he has already teased something else last week. "We all know it’s a subscription box. You literally said it the other day," someone tweeted. 

And like anything Charles does, there are skeptics. 

Many have thoughts that Charles is simply tricking fans into thinking this "something" is bigger than it is. "Tbh, at this point I don’t believe he has a 'special' announcement or whatever ... I understand that each person values or considers themselves proud of something differently, but he literally hyped up the previous thing [that was] literally a product he had ALREADY released last year," someone wrote. 

Looks like we'll see on Friday!