James Charles Marlena Stell
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No surprise here everyone: Beauty drama is cooking! And yet another no-shocker involves James Charles. But it's not Tati Westbrook or Jeffree Star that he's currently at odds with. This time, it appears to be Makeup Geek founder Marlena Stell. The two, who have a long history, had appeared to resolve their issues years back, but after a surprise block, Stell is asking plenty of questions. 

Check out the drama ahead.

There's drama brewing in the YouTubersphere yet again. 

This time, though, it's a pair we weren't expecting. Marlena Stell, founder of Makeup Geek, revealed yesterday that after what we figured was an anticipated visit to James Charles' Twitter, she realized that he had blocked her. "Too bad I was giving him props yesterday for his donations to fans," she wrote with the shrug emoji.

And she followed up with another tweet, seemingly reiterating what many others have said: that Charles doesn't have people around him to hold him accountable. 

"REAL friends tell you when your sh*t stinks but they’ll also be the first ones to congratulate you on your achievements and cheer you on. Spot the real people from the fake ones," she continued. alluding to her calling Charles out as the reason she's blocked. 

Let us note this isn't the first time the two have been at odds. 

James Charles Marlena Stell
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Remember that Netflix saga, when Charles was mad that Stell had been poached by Netflix for a documentary about the beauty industry? At first, Charles insisted that Stell stole his idea, minimizing her knowledge of the industry, even saying that she herself was a big part of the drama. 

He later went on to apologize, and fans thought everything was fine. 

But it seems that's actually not quite the case. However, fans are on Stell's side. 

"After all he tried to do to you, disrespecting you, tweeting Netflix, stirring drama, have his following and friends attack you and call you that woman, but you always kept it respectful and never blocked him. Oh well," someone said, insisting that Stell was better off without his friendship. 

On that note...

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We want no part of this mess here. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Stell has long been stirring up drama with influencers, including a recent video where she further exposed Jaclyn Hill. Maybe Charles is tired of the drama? Wishful thinking.