James Charles
photo: Instagram/jamescharles

The tea is ready to be served. Just days after Tati Westbrook canceled James Charles in a very public and very long YouTube video, it looks like things are only getting worse for the disgraced beauty vlogger.

On Twitter, some sleuthing fans recently pointed out that Charles' clothing line, Sisters Apparel, is distributed by a company called Killer Merch. And who, exactly, owns Killer Merch? None other than Jeffree Star, who you may recall has since taken Westbrook's side in the Tati vs. James showdown. 

Although Sisters Apparel remains listed on the Killer Merch website, clicking a link to the Sisters Apparel online store now leads to Charles' YouTube channel. Going directly to the site's URL leads to a dead end. Could it be that Star had something to do with this? 

James Charles just can't seem to escape drama.

Even if you don't follow the world of beauty YouTubers, it's hard to ignore all the James Charles/Tati Westbrook feuding that went down over the weekend. It's very possible that Westbrook may have ended Charles' career with this crazy-long, 43-minute video, in which she reveals secrets about Charles and his behavior that completely caught everybody off guard.

The Westbrook video went viral times a million.

She began the video by talking about the hair vitamins fiasco and discussing her decision to post the initial crying video. "I was completely blindsided, and my emotions got the best of me." She then went on to describe some of the terrible things Charles has done, including sexually harassing men, speaking disrespectfully to his own parents, and being mean to people in the beauty industry.

And then Jeffree Star got involved.

He tweeted — and quickly deleted — a couple statements about all the Charles drama. In a now-deleted response to Charles' brother Ian, Star called the beauty YouTuber "a predator." 

Ian Charles' tweet ironically read, "Why does everyone act so tough over the internet?" To which Star quote tweeted, "Why is your brother a predator?? Why'd you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the f*** up." 

Whoa, now that's intense.

Star took it a step further.

He followed up with another now-deleted post, suggesting that Charles once made a pass at Star's long-term boyfriend and partner Nathan Schwandt. 

"There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again," Star revealed. "There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."

And now things might be getting even more contentious between Star and Charles.

Some fans think that Star might be responsible for shuttering Charles' online site for his Sisters Apparel merch line. How can that be? Well, it turns out that Sisters Apparel is distributed by the company Killer Merch, which just so happens to be owned by — you guessed it — Jeffree Star. In other words, Star definitely has some authority in determining the future of Sisters Apparel.

Technically, Sisters Apparel is still listed on the Killer Merch website.

But not so fast. When you attempt to visit the online store for Sisters Apparel through the Killer Merch website, the link takes you straight to Charles' YouTube channel. Many people are speculating that Star had something to do with this unexpected switch-up. Could it be that Star was fed up with all the Charles drama and chose to discontinue Sisters Apparel?

Twitter wasted no time pointing out the, um, coincidence. 

Remember: Star once tweeted about having an entire draft folder that was overflowing with gossip about other influencers. 

"Who else has a DRAFT folder full of tweet's they wish they could send out?" he said. "I wanna keep it SO real sometimes about the behind the scenes in the beauty community... but I'll let karma do its work like it always does."

Some feel like Charles is getting what he deserves.

He's definitely feeling the backlash of all the bickering with Westbrook. Campaigns to boycott Charles' channels are becoming increasingly successful, and his subscriber count is plummeting at record numbers. In the past four days alone, millions have hit that unsubscribe button. Does this mean that his reign as one of the top beauty YouTubers in the world is coming to an end?

Others think Star purposefully planned when he would pull the plug on Sisters Apparel.

It's definitely a possibility at this point, especially considering that Star is a pretty powerful force within the beauty industry. This just goes to show that you've got to be careful which bridges you burn because the damage could wind up coming right back to you in the end. Maybe this is a valuable lesson that Charles will take away from this whole situation.

So, what's next in this ongoing soap opera?

Well, it's pretty much anyone's guess at this point. Maybe the Sisters Apparel thing was just a technology glitch? Who knows, it may return online within the next few days. Or, it could very well be that Star is sending a strong message to Charles. At any rate, we'll be keeping the tea nice and hot as all of the drama continues to unfold.