In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, Jeffree Star just concluded an epic vacation in Bora Bora with Manny Gutierrez, Laura Lee, and others in tow. As you've seen before, Jeffree Star likes to live lavishly, so of course this vacation was no exception. 

The whole gang documented the occasion so well that it practically felt like we were all there. Let's relive it, shall we?

1. OK, but how does one even acquire a private jet?

2. Does Jeffree own this jet?

3. Can you pay on a flight-by-flight basis?

4. Are there rentals? I NEED TO KNOW.


jeffree star bora bora
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

6. Am I the only one who still finds in-flight Wi-Fi to be absolutely terrifying?

7. Yes? OK.

8. How much do you want to bet that these pilots hate everything that is happening on their jet right now?

jeffree star private jet
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

9. Seriously, I'd give anything to witness Jeffree Star in a business-class seat on a regular airline flight.

jeffree privte jet
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

10. In the middle seat.

11. He'd barely even fit in there, honestly. Jeffree Star is taller than me, and my knees hit the back of the next seat at 5'11."

12. I could never trust myself to bring full-size luxury body oils on a vacation without losing them.

jeffree bora bora
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

13. Who needs that much body oil for like... five days?

14. Back to my jet questions: Do you have to go through security for a private jet?

15. Does the 3-ounce rule even apply to Jeffree Star?

16. Private bungalows?!?!?!

laura lee
photo: Laura Lee/Snapchat

17. I looked it up, and to stay in a one-bedroom private bungalow at this Four Seasons resort costs around $3,000 a night — and that's on the cheaper end of the price scale.

18. So forget everything I've ever said about wanting to vacation in Bora Bora.

19. Jeffree Star & Co. DEFINITELY sent the JSC logo in advance to be displayed in their rooms.

laura lee
photo: Laura Lee/Snapchat

20. Straight-up, I don't trust water that blue.

laura lee
photo: Laura Lee/Snapchat

21. I live in New York — that's not what water is supposed to look like. It's supposed to instill the fear of God in me, not make me feel at ease?!

21. Jeffree wore stiletto heels on a goddamn boat. That's talent.

22. Most of us can't walk in stiletto heels on hard, flat concrete, let alone the inconsistently swaying floor of a boat.

22. I completely forgot that all this Kim Kardashian drama happened during this vacation.

23. Jeffree literally can't stay out of his own drama, even when he's supposed to be enjoying this very expensive luxury resort stay.

24. Unrelated but important: Where do I score one of these flower crowns?

25. Jet-skis, snorkeling, chocolate crepes in private bungalows? The gang is literally living my dream theoretical honeymoon over and over again.

jeffree star
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

27. I know we're not best buds, Jeffree, but take me with you next time.

28. Manny, baby, what is you doing?

29. I have seen Jeffree Star's bare butt more than I have my own.

30. Literally, I could not count how many times I have logged onto Instagram and gotten a non-consensual eyeful of Anna Nicole.

31. The same goes for Manny.

32. I don't think Manny knows how to wear pants anymore?

33. Has anyone noticed that the longer other vloggers are friends with Jeffree, the more naked they get on Instagram?

34. Yeah, me neither.

35. Not to say that's a terrible thing at all. You do you, boo?

36. But I have to give the YouTube Power Trio some credit — they really never stop working.

jeffree star
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

Uploading videos while on vacation? Damn.