When Jeffree Star threatened to reveal NikkieTutorials' allegedly unfair collaboration contract with Too Faced Cosmetics, he also ended up confirming what the internet already thought to be true — that he and Nikkie were no longer friends.

The statement left fans wondering, "what happened?" Now, we're starting to get a clearer picture of just that.

The unanimously agreed-upon theory was that the friendship ended during Benefit Cosmetics' press trip to Necker Island.

It was the exact point at which Nikkie and Jeffree unfollowed each other on social media. They'd also somehow gone the entire trip without being filmed or photographed together (save for the above post), which would have been strange behavior for two good friends.

According to Sanders Kennedy and an anonymous eyewitness account, the rumor is true.

Sanders claims Jeffree initiated a screaming match with Nikkie... on a boat.

"I was told that Jeffree Star approached NikkieTutorials, screamed at her, made a scene, started to call security," Sanders says. "According to my sources, later on, threats were being made to NikkieTutorials after the fact."

Sanders says he contacted other bloggers who were present on the trip, none of whom publicly confirmed or denied that claim.

NikkieTutorials declined to comment, but Jeffree Star supposedly had something to say.

In his video, Sanders claims that Jeffree himself confirmed there was a friendship-ending confrontation on a boat during the Necker Island trip.

However, there was reportedly no screaming — Jeffree and Nikkie merely had to raise their voices because they were on two different levels of a multi-platform boat. Two Benefit employees were present, but no security was called and no threats were made.

Jeffree allegedly disclosed to Sanders that he feels the situation has been purposefully exaggerated to cast him in a negative light.

Sanders says he received this statement directly from Jeffree, but did not provide receipts.

Jeffree has yet to respond to the video on any social media, so it's hard to confirm that this statement is legitimate.

Sanders has received information from Jeffree in the past, though — and Jeffree has made private statements to other YouTubers, so it's unlikely that Sanders is bullshitting us with this one.

But now we're left with another question: What spurred the boat incident in the first place?

Something was clearly brewing between Jeffree and Nikkie long before the Benefit Trip. What that mighty concoction was, the world may never know.

Regardless of what might've happened, it's still a bummer that two of the world's most powerful beauty influencers ended a friendship that could have resulted in beauty-world domination.

RIP to what could have been. 

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