Love him or hate him, there is no one on the internet who burns bridges as thoroughly as Jeffree Star. The last two years alone, he's gotten into more fights, spats, and public draggings than every other beauty influencer COMBINED.

But not all beauty feuds are created equal. Some are seemingly harmless and quick, but others ruin reputations. Star has been involved in both these types of battles — and every other kind in-between.

Here are his most memorable feuds, ranked by messiness.


Jeffree vs. Kylie Jenner

When Kylie Jenner launched her first-ever lip glosses in April 2016, Star blasted photos of the product's poorly made applicator and said, "SO disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable."

After that, other customers stormed Kylie Cosmetics' social media and customer service to demand the wand be changed. In the end, the brand had to make a statement and change its production.

"How ironic that it took ME giving an honest review which got world wide attention, to get @kyliecosmetics to make a statement..." he wrote. Since then, Star's given Kylie's other products glowing reviews and remains on her brand's PR list — but he still brings up the wand thing from time to time, just in case anyone forgets.


Jeffree vs. Nikita Dragun & Gabriel Zamora 

In October 2017, Star went on a social media unfollowing spree to rid all the "fake pieces of shit in the beauty community" from his timelines. It was then that the internet noticed he was no longer following fellow YouTubers Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora — with whom he was previously pretty close — on Twitter and Instagram.

Since then, Zamora and Dragun have been inseparable and have been tweeting shady nonsense such as "I know what I bring to the table. So trust me when I say I'm not afraid to eat by myself," and "Stop fucking with anyone who picks and chooses when they wanna fuck with you."

Star never directly name dropped Zamora or Dragun during the spree, and vice versa — but the trio has not been seen in the same room since.


Jeffree vs. Jaclyn

In September 2017, when Hill came under fire for drunkenly Snapchatting Kathleen Lights using a racial slur, Star tweeted about Hill indirectly, despite having just defended her palette from harsh criticism. "If you ask someone not to post something and they still do... What are the intentions?" he wrote. Hill then directly tweeted to Star to defend herself from his fans — and thus, a beef was born.

One month later during the aforementioned October unfollowing spree, Star also unfollowed Hill, who tweeted, "The truth ALWAYS comes out! No matter how long it takes..." in response.


Jeffree vs. MakeupShayla

Star and Shayla both attended a beauty event back in the spring of 2016, where Star alleged that Shayla told another influencer to get lip injections for her "disproportioned" face. The pair began a tweet storm back and forth at each other, during which Shayla called Star a "bully" who was "making things up obviously for attention."

At one point of this argument, Star tweeted — to no one in particular — "All these Instagram girls are all talk, I'll actually beat you to the fucking ground and mean it."

Shortly following, the influencer in the middle of this spat publicly thanked Shayla for "clearing things up." In response, Star published a private DM from the same influencer, thanking him as well for "standing up for me and women everywhere." Star and Shayla have not spoken publicly since.


Jeffree vs. Lime Crime founder Doe Deere

Star has made his hatred for Lime Crime and its founder Doe Deere known multiple times, but people new to the world of Star's drama likely don't know why, as much of the evidence has been deleted.

Star and Deere became good friends in 2013, just before Star launched his own brand. Years passed, but the public never even noticed that the pair had quietly separated at some point.

Then, in 2015, Star posted a screenshot of the brand's Twitter from 2010 that read "So funny, we were just talking about how awful Jeffree Starr is, and now we're on his page listening to his music. Haha." Star maligned the brand for befriending him "so I would promote her brand so she would get more attention," and called Deere "delusional." Further details about the end of this friendship are still unknown.


Jeffree vs. Jackie Aina

Star has NEVER been on good terms with Aina — she made her dislike for Jeffree Star Cosmetics clear when she stated in a video that she'd never feature it in a video, due to Star's past involving racism towards Black women in particular. 

Shortly after, Aina posted screenshots revealing that Star had blocked her on Instagram. When this was brought to Star's attention, he suggested Aina had been using his name for views and referred to her as an "irrelevant rat."

Aina ended the argument with: "Never forget that @JeffreeStar will call black women rats, uneducated, and broke when they do not worship him," Aina wrote. "Please research who you support in the beauty industry; there really is a lot of ugly you do not and probably won't see."


Jeffree vs. Too Faced Cosmetics founder Jerrod Blandino

In April 2017, Blandino posted a photo of his brand's bestselling Unicorn Tears lipstick to intentionally shade Tarte Cosmetics' then-recent unicorn makeup collection. Star did NOT like that — he took to Snapchat to call Blandino "petty and gross" for laying claim to inventing unicorn makeup. 

Blandino never responded, but Star continued by threatening to reveal the contract from Too Faced's collaboration with Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials), for which she was allegedly severely underpaid. The contract itself was never revealed — potentially due to legal action from Too Faced. Star warned that a "blood bath" was approaching, but the feud fizzled out.


Jeffree vs. Nikkie Tutorials

Rumors swirled at the beginning of 2017 that longtime friends Star and de Jager "broke up" because they hadn't been seen together in quite some time. Then April came, and Star's public berating of Too Faced Cosmetics ended up revealing that to be true.

"Her and I are no longer friends," he said in a statement to another YouTuber. "You can confirm that. But I still respect her hustle, and I watched first-hand how [Too Faced] abused her and know how much she got paid."

More rumors then littered the beauty community about the pair's friendship-ending fight that allegedly occurred on a boat during a press trip with Benefit Cosmetics. Most recently, in July, Star caught flack for using a similar video title to one of de Jager's. He went on another Snapchat ran about how there isn't any drama between them — and ended said rant with a vague threat: "they know to keep their mouths shut."


Jeffree vs. Laura Lee and MannyMUA

Why is this, out of all the fights, the messiest? Because it's ongoing — and frankly, no one has any fucking clue what is even happening.

It all began on Star's birthday in November 2017, on which both Lee and Gutierrez neglected to publicly wish him happy birthday. Around that time, the pair had been suspiciously tweeting about "fake friends" — they even filmed videos together with Hill, a freshly minted enemy of Star's at the time. Star allegedly tweeted that Gutierrez did not call on his birthday, as Gutierrez claimed he did.

But then, Gutierrez and Star were shockingly seen buddying up once again. Over Snapchat, Gutierrez vaguely described a "miscommunication" between the two of them. Shortly thereafter, Star allegedly posted and deleted a handful of tweets about Lee that referred to her as "pure evil."

Not long after that, the trio went back to publicly ignoring one another. They have not been seen in the same room together since.


Jeffree vs. Kat Von D

Everyone pretty much knows this one by heart: In summer 2016, after almost a decade of friendship, Von D publicly severed ties with Star for "promoting drug use, racism, and bullying," among other things. She later uploaded a scathing YouTube video in which she accused Star of stealing his logo from Von D's close friend BJ Betts and of using her beauty industry connections to build his brand.

Star posted his own rebuttal to the drug use and logo-theft claims, but it was too late — the internet had already exposed years-old evidence of Star using racist language and threatening women of color. The footage clings to Star's reputation to this day, and it might've flown under the radar were it not for Von D's subtle mention of it.

This break-up is long over, but Star has brought it up several times since, including the time he called her a "dumb whore" on a popular podcast. Oh, and the time he literally took a sledgehammer to one of her products.