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Her audience was so upset that Tati had to make a statement, in the form of a pinned YouTube comment.

"I understand the frustration that some of you are expressing over deleted comments," wrote Tati. "Unfortunately there were few hundred hateful ones that were flagged for moderation (calling me a racist-bitch), a few hundred harassing ones and another few hundred hurtful ones telling me I was cancelled and / or they were unsubbing. 100% of the hateful and harassing comments and most of the ones that said they were unsubbing were deleted and blocked from my channel.   

Yes, constructive criticism is welcome, but it becomes nonconstructive pretty fast when thousands of people are saying the same thing.  I felt it was the wrong decision to disable the comments entirely, so instead, I took care of myself and said goodbye to everyone that was hurting me. 

I don't think that most viewers understand, that with my 5 day per week upload schedule (for almost four years now), YouTube consumes the majority of my life ... this is literally my home, and I'm just not okay with people making me feel bad in my home.   If you're a positive contributing member of this community, I genuinely hope that you will stay."

This statement from Tati doesn't really address the primary issue her audience is having — that after building her brand as positive, respectful force for good in the YouTube community, she turned around and worked with Jeffree Star.

Jeffree is infamous for his online fights — and more troublingly, has an allegedly pretty serious history of cultural appropriation and racist "jokes." If another YouTuber works with him, yes, that video will get a lot of views... but at what cost to that person's reputation?

For her part, Tati hasn't commented on the J.Star drama any further...

tati westbrook
photo: Tati Westbrook

...While Jeffree says he's sick of the "witch hunt" and intends to clear some things up in an honest video.

What will happen to this friendship next? Only time will tell.

Jeffree seems to be spending most of his time right now fighting with fellow YouTuber, Jackie Aina. So truly, who knows.