Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery, according to Jeffree Star.

The YouTube star and brand founder has a reputation for not playing well with other beauty influencers — unless you're in his immediate friendship circle (which seems to have a revolving door).

Over the weekend, Star called out up-and-coming beauty influencer Thomas Halbert for recreating his look in a tutorial.

In a new video, Halbert paid tribute to Star by recreating one of Jeffree's tutorials — explaining that he got into makeup by copying all of the major beauty Youtubers looks.

"I would watch Manny MUA. I would watch Patrick Starrr. I would watch Jaclyn Hill. I would watch Nikkie Tutorials. I would watch all of them," he said. "Literally the first makeup look I've ever done was inspired by a look Manny MUA had done.

And how better to thank the sources of his inspiration that with a series of makeup videos inspired by the biggest artists and personalities on YouTube? So he decided to follow one of Jeffree's makeup videos every brush stroke of the way.

“I think it would be really cute of a series to do where I try to follow along, literally try to use some of the same products that they used, see how it works on my skin. I think it would be fun and super cool.”

The challenge was to ignore *his* preferred makeup techniques and to follow Jeffree's explanations.

Halbert is known for serving much softer glam looks than Jeffree Star. He and Jeffree Star also have major differences in *how* they apply their makeup — so Halbert was in for a hilarious challenge.

Halbert did critique one aspect of Jeffree Star's tutorials: Star skips steps sometimes, which would make it difficult for a beginner to follow along. 

"What is this? All of a sudden it's blended? That's the most important part. Oh my God!"

Star blended eyeshadow into his crease off-camera and then switched a scene to him putting the finishing touches on his eye look. 'Twas cute — but beginners need a *tad* more handholding, which is what Halbert pointed out. 

Halbert also acknowledged that the Jeffree Star Cosmetics' shadows were much more pigmented than the palettes he was working with — which could have contributed to his blending experience. Here is his final look compared to Jeffree's.

Halbert was ultimately able to achieve a similar look to the one Jeffree Star created.

Halbert even had fun with the hilarious personality moments Jeffree Star always adds to his videos, like his famous "Welcome back to my channel" line...

Too cute. 

He also mimicked Jeffree Star's palette-licking moment. 


Though Halbert's video seemed to be all in good makeup fun, Jeffree apparently found it "gross and rude."

"Where's my thank you card?? OH WAIT you "hate me" - you're still welcome," Star wrote to a now-deleted tweet Halbert posted in celebration of the video doing such good numbers. 

"My name gets views, @Forbes acknowledged that. Even though your intro was gross and rude, good video and great concept kid."

To Jeffree Star's credit — his name *does* secure the views. Halbert's video has over 800,000 views, making it his most watched video of all time. 

Jeffree Star deleted his initial tweet, but was still subtweeting Thomas HARD.

"When anyone uses the words 'Jeffree Star' in their Youtube title, they get VIEWWWS! But where's my check??? hahaha," he wrote on Twitter.

And check out Jeffree Star's shade-filled tweet to a fan. 

"Sis you should be claiming all these Hoes on you're [sic] income taxes... Since you KEEP building careers..." a fan wrote to him.

"Hahaha let them pay their rent, I ain't mad! We all gotta eat..." Star replied.

Meanwhile Halbert clarified to Jeffree Star fans in his mentions that his tutorial was not meant to be disrespectful.

"Video was harmless and wasn't rude in any way," he wrote.

So why all this drama over what seemed to be a sweet tribute video? It turns out that Jeffree and Thomas have some personal history — and it all stems from Star's history of racist speech.

Star and Halbert were friendly once upon a time. Star claims he even sent Halbert makeup to support his budding career. Then, when Star was accused of racism, he was hurt that Halbert did not have his back.

Halbert wrote a Tweet directly to Jeffree, clarifying he was also hurt, and was starting to believe that Star had changed for the better.

"I still let people know you're the reason I even got a following on Instagram," he wrote to Star.

 "Again, I'm sorry you took offense to my recent video. I was hurt back then too. Then when your past came up I was even more disappointed. I saw change in your Tarte review."

Jeffree Star "liked" this tweet on Twitter, but unfortunately went on to like other tweets bashing Thomas Halbert. Issa cold war out in these beauty streets.

It is strange that Jeffree Star still seems upset with people for not accepting his flat, self-centered apology for his past actions.

photo: Giphy

Though Star claims to be over the people he fought with in the past — he still isn't accepting much responsibility. 

Jeffree Star refuses to acknowledge that the people who distanced themselves from him during that time are not "traitors." They were standing up for what is right — they aren't obligated to support racist or racially insensitive behavior.

It seems now that Jeffree Star has spoken often about wanting to do better, Halbert made the friendly video to try giving him a chance. 

It's a shame Jeffree Star couldn't even let him.

Jeffree Star's journey to show he's *genuinely* sorry for his past trash behavior is to be continued...

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Maybe it'll happen on the 28th of Some Day.