Kat Von D is many things: tattoo goddess, makeup queen, animal rights activist, and style icon.

But there's something about Kat not even her most intense fans know: She's a goth gardener.


Take a tour of Kat Von D's all-black garden and see what I mean.

"Look who's come out to say hi this morning!" says Kat of this beautiful black dahlia. "As many of you might already know, flowers have been associated w meaning for ages. In the Victorian era, Black Dahlias represented a good wish for a couple + commitment."

More black dahlias."I never grow tired of these black beauties."

This black and white beauty is called a Panda-face ginger flower. "Note the velvety texture of the petals," writes Kat. "This flower is not culinary ginger, but referred to as “ginger” for its scent when crushed."

kat von d black garden
photo: Kat Von D / Instagram

"These black beauties I grew from bulbs," Kat says, of these all-black lillies. "After seeing them bloom for the first time this week, they are quickly becoming one of my fave lilies."

"Black cosmos are native to Mexico, where sadly, they are now extinct in the wild," Von D explains. "But get this, they are said to have a chocolate fragrance!"


"One of my personal favourite flowers: Black Scabiosa — also nicknamed Widow's Pincushion, Mourning Bride, Mournful Widow and Ace of Spades."

This blossoming babe is called a black adder "sooty" flower. "These black beauties are super easy to grow from seed. They come from the Carnation family, but in miniature form. As you can see, mine is just now starting to blossom, but soon the entire cluster will be exploding with these little black blooms!"

Feast your eyes on this cute little black columbine, also called a chocolate soldier.

"Columbines belong in the buttercup family, and sadly are not particularly long-lived. Most of them die within two years, but fortunately grow easily from seed."

"Black Heart vine. Need I say more?"

"Black "FloraMia Nero" vine. Same family as the "black heart" vine."

According to Kat, this plant has light purple flowers that pop up occasionally — "If you can look past the lavender flowers, this vine is perfect for your black garden!"

"This sweet little girl has been teasing me every morning while I patiently wait for her glorious arrival here in my black plant garden! She's a special type of Bearded Iris called "Hello, Darkness" — appropriately named since her species of Iris far surpasses all other dark Iris in the sheer degree of her black color."

kat von d black garden
photo: @thekatvond

"Just a few more days before she's in full bloom! Don't worry, I'll definitely share with you guys once she finally comes out to play!"

One week later: "Remember that little bud I posted a while back that everyone thought looked like Batman? Well, here she is in all her blackest glory!"

*goth swoon*

"Here's a sweet little baby Black Bachelor Button bloom for you."

A week later, there were even MORE black bachelor's buttons." Clusters have been blooming like crazy, so I had to include these black beauties in this garden update."

"Like most black plants, these guys get blacker the more sun they get."

"Black Peony Poppy - this little bud is about to bloom into a large, tissue-paper like, ruffled explosion!"

kat von d black garden
photo: Kat Von D / Instagram

When it opens, that black peony poppy is going to be the most stunning shade of velvety purple-black.

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And how about an ACTUAL black poppy? "This fragile flower is made up of just a few tissue-thin petals, and bloom for only a few days. But worth every minute."


"Notice the deep black veins compared to regular yellow sunflowers who's foliage is a solid green. Can't wait till these black sunflowers bloom!"

Look at how tall these black sunflowers can get!

According to Kat, these babies grew about a foot in two weeks.

And then, after a few weeks... POW! The mammoth black sunflower finally bloomed! "As she grows, her petals will become an even richer black."

black sunflower kat von d
photo: Kat Von D

Did you ever think you'd be so invested in a flower? ME NEITHER.

Kat posts pictures of her black sunflowers often, because in her words "These black beauties never get old!"

As Von D captioned the photo of this black-hearted sunflower, #natureisrad.

Hell yeah it is.

"Pennie Blacks, also nicknamed 'Baby Black Eyes.' These flowers were popular amongst the Victorians, and are extremely easy to grow."

"Like most of the plants in my garden, I grew these sweet little babies from seed, and they just now started to bloom this week!"

She LOVES how tiny the Baby Black Eyes flowers are — "This bloom is the size of a pea!"

"Black Clear Crystals Viola Pansy. This type of pansy is known for its clear color [without any blotches or markings] — pretty much the blackest of pansies."

And after recent rain, "These ladies are popping up like crazy and partyin’!"


She also grows black petunias. "These have to be one of my favourite black blooms. The Black Cat variation of this flower is by far the blackest I have ever seen and are softer than velvet."

This yet-to-blossom darling is called the Widow's Pincushion. "One of my personal faves from the garden. This one is about to bloom its needle-like petals any day now."

Kat even has black calla lilies — "the black funeral flower."

"I have an entire section in my garden where I planted countless bulbs to eventually create my very own black calla lily lake! But this little guy is the first to come up!"

And what would spring be without a black hyacinth? Especially one called — not even kidding — "Dark Dimension"?

"This sturdy little star is about to sprout straight into the sky, yielding a stock of thick, black trumpets. Once in bloom, this plant is a favourite of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds!"

This black hyacinth finally bloomed — and as predicted, it's a showstopper.

But that's not all. According to Kat, her black garden also contains "black sunflowers, tulips, petunias, pansies, calla lilies, columbine, cosmos, desert roses, pennies, coleus, carnations, dahlias, morning glories, nasturtium, holly hocks, peony, elephant ears, green/black wizards and more — all of which are about to bloom!"

She also says there are black tulips on the way this spring.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL RIGHT NOW.

Kat's all-black garden is proof that she's the most Extra goth queen who ever lived — and we love her for it.

Bow down, everyone. You're not ~truly~ spooky until the very flowers in your garden as as dark as your soul.

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