Kat Von D is a goth queen, beauty brand founder, and style icon. 

People want to live like Kat Von D, wear her makeup, dress like her, pet her hairless cats, and yes — transform into her signature glam goth look. 

Check out 12 YouTubers who transformed into your favorite goth beauty queen. Warning: They freaking SLAYED.

YouTubers have been transforming into Kat Von D for years. AdriLunaMakeup slayed this look in 2012!

But Kat's IRL friend Kandee Johnson may just be the OG Kat Von D transformer. She created her look back in 2009.

Never forget how the contour king himself, Alexis Stone, didn't just transform into Kat Von D with makeup — it's like he possessed her body and soul.

Wait a minute though... IS this Kat's sister at least? No — it's Sam Ruh!

Rocio Mercardo says she's always told she looks like Kat Von D — so it was only right to take it to the EXTREME. 

And ItsLikelyMakeup really has a handle on the Kat Von D look. 

Luna Fortun recreated Kat Von D's Divine look using her Divine tribute collection. 

Youtuber Mortem3r went with Kat Von D's signature look — complete with fake stars and tattoo stickers!

Erica Gamby NAILED Kat's lightning bolt and affinity for contouring!

Manii MUA knows that Kat Von D isn't just a brand — she's an entire mood.

According to Emily Alice's two-tone transformation, Kat is a LIFESTYLE.

Meteosprite's tutorial proves that everyone can slay the stars and winged liner transformation.

Because if you're not turning into Kat as wonderfully as Sierra Cone, then are you even really Kat Von Devoted FOR REAL?