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This room was the ultimate contrast for the couple's guests, who were required to wear black and ONLY black.

Which, of course, meant that this wedding was pretty much the Goth Met Gala.

Seriously, even Morticia Addams couldn't hold a flame to some of Von D's closest friends.

The wedding itself took place inside this blood-red fantasy land in the next room, packed to the brim with hand-crafted pieces.

Like, for example, this cluster of red flowers that took up the entire ceiling.

And more handmade candles. SO. MANY. OF. THEM.

Each table held a giant arrangement of red flowers, candles, and skulls similar to this one.

And everyone drank from red goblets because Von D really knows how to nail a theme.

Oh, and there was a massive red grand piano there, too — more on that in a minute.

Here's what you really came to see: Von D's outfit, complete with ACTUAL HORNS.

And a veil that I don't think had an end...

Instead of walking down a traditional aisle, the couple opted to ascend a five-foot circular platform in the middle of the room.

And you could tell before a single word was said that shit was going to get emotional.

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And boy, did it.

Reyes got so choked up while saying his vows, he had to stop for a moment just to happy cry.

Then it was on the the reception, which was somehow even more extravagant than the ceremony.

Here's where that piano comes in.

Von D performed her own rendition of "In My Arms" for Reyes in front of everyone.

I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!!!

She looked like an actual heart-eyes emoji the entire time.

The couple sat down for their post-wedding meal in a pair of matching red thrones, fit for goth royalty.

This meal was, of course, entirely vegan.

As was their red velvet cake, shaped like a god damn castle.

That's a fully functioning screen playing videos in there, by the way.

Congratulations, newlyweds!

For getting married again AND for having a party I'll never forget... even if I wasn't there.