Jeffree Star is as known for his controversial videos as he is his insanely popular makeup line. Another thing he's known for? His beyond-lavish lifestyle.

You may be familiar with his designer-laden Instagram, or the fact that Kat Von D called him out for his materialistic ways. Star says he just happens to like nice things, and indulges now that he can actually afford them.

But just how much does that designer indulgence actually cost? I decided to add it all up and find out. Based on my very cursory calculations, here's how much it costs to live like Jeffree Star — and spoiler alert, it's A LOT.

Powder pink Balmain blazer: $2,400

jeffree star balmain
photo: Jeffree Star / Instagram

Double-breasted blazer ($2,380, Barneys).

Hermes Birkin Bag: $19,000 each.

jeffree star birkin
photo: Jeffree Star / Instagram

Some people might look at this bag and think "Hermes Birkin." I look at this and think "35cm Birkin Gris Tourterelle Togo with gold hardware." It's entirely possible that this is a knockoff, but if it's real, and he bought it from a reputable reseller, it cost between $12,000 and $21,000. I said $19k to be safe. He also has at least one other Birkin in bright orange. SO.

Tattoos by Kat Von D: $100,000.

Most sources say that Kat's rate STARTS at $200 per hour, with a single portrait taking 4-6 hours. In 2010, Jeffree said that he has around 70 tattoos — most done by Kat. Assuming Kat charged him at the low end of her hourly rate, with an allotted five hours per tattoo, and allowing for the fact that he has more tattoos since '10, that's somewhere between $70 and $100K.

Dogs: $12,000.

Star has four Pomeranians. Depending on the breeder, purebread Poms — like this wolf sable — average around three grand per dog.

Now seems like a pretty good time to remind you all to PLEASE adopt, don't shop. So many awesome dogs need good homes! I adopted my pup Oliver for $100, and he's been the light of my life ever since.

Nails: $300 every 2 weeks. $7,800 per year.

Jefree's nails are always on point — and his go-to nail artist, Yvette (aka: @yvynails), is the genius who keeps them that way. Star doesn't go for normal, boring bitch nails; his fresh sets, plus whatever bedazzling required, put these manis in the $200-300 range. Every. Other. Week. That's $7,800 a year.

Rolls-Royce Phantom (used): $235,000. Louboutin boots: $2,700.

photo: Jeffree Star / Instagram

I don't know what year his car is from — sources say this Phantom was born between 2011 and 2014, because of the headlights — but if you want a Phantom of your own, expect to drop well over $200K.

I DO know shoes, though — these Louboutin Harleyda boots ($2,695, Louboutin-US) are a dream purchase of mine, and so I know *exactly* how much they cost.

Louis Vuitton haul: $35,000.

I love it when people do crazy shit for YouTube, but this is insane. In his Louis Vuitton haul, he bought eight handbags, two scarves, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of boots, a makeup bag, four big bags and a laptop bag. All up, that's $34,890.

Gucci haul: $18,800.

$202 spent on beauty products (which tbh, he could have probably gotten for free), a backpack, a handbag, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of boots, two beanies, sunglasses, a dress, and a "so sophisticated" pink leather suit, all totalling $18,752.

Saint Laurent heels: $700.

Paris skinny pumps ($695, Barneys).

Bracelets: $40,660.

YOU READ THAT RIGHT. That's a Cartier Love bracelet ($40,000, Cartier) and a Louis Vuitton Nanogram cuff ($660, Louis Vuitton).

Crystal pipe: $68.

You can get your own amethyst weed-smoking apparatus for under a C-note. ($68, Etsy)

Sunglasses: $840.

Rihanna designed them, so they must be cool. ($840, Dior)

Givenchy bag: $1,800.

Givenchy mini Antigona handbag ($1,795, Net-a-Porter)

Chanel Boy Bags: $5,000 each.

That's actually kind of on the low side, as Chanel no longer makes this colorway. Hence, rare — hence, $$$$. ($5,000, Chanel). From what I've been able to tell, he has like 10 of these. $50,000 in Boy bags alone.

Moschino chain-link sweatsuit: $1,750

Again, this set is now sold out — meaning my estimate is on the low side.

Custom pink BMW i8 (RIP): $152,000+

Jeffree's custom pink BMW was totaled back in May, which would have been totally terrifying, and I'm glad nobody else was hurt. An i8 like his will set you back around $142K, and a custom powder-pink paint job would, I've been told, cost at least 10 grand on top of that. Damn.

Jewelry, part 2: $24,700.

photo: Jeffree Star / Instagram

Here we have a classic Versace ring ($300, Versace), two Cartier love bracelets ($6,300 each, Cartier) and a Cartier Juste un Clou "nail" ring ($11,800, Cartier). I couldn't identify the cat ring, but it looks like it could be a vintage Cartier piece — the panther is an enduring symbol of theirs. Total: $24,700.

Luggage: $11,755.

JUST the stuff that I could identify here — the Louis Vuitton suitcase and bandoleir, the Gucci backpack, the Chanel laptop bag, and the Louboutin studded bag — total $11,755.

At this point, I gave up.


That's right. For nearly one million dollars OF ACTUAL HUMAN MONEY, you can live like Jeffree Star. Is it worth it? Who knows!