makeup artist disney villains

The artist at work.

photo: Audrey Logeais

Recently, we were mesmerized by a man's transformations into every Disney princess. 

But behind every princess is a wicked villain, and French makeup artist Audrey Logeais is here to show some much-needed love for the bad guys and gals. 

She uses her to talent to turn models into the Disney villains we love to hate.

Just look at her rendition of Scar from "The Lion King."

Logeais' attention to detail makes her Hades beyond realistic.

The perfectly sculpted eyebrow arch of her Jafar will haunt your dreams.

Note to self: Never watch "Aladdin" before bed. 

She's even done Anton Ego from "Ratatouille."


She's also a "Star Wars" fan. Check out this Kylo Ren transformation!

We can't wait to see which villain Logeais recreates next.

Please let it be Ursula.