There's no better way to celebrate the introduction of a new Powerpuff girl than to recreate her look with makeup and SLAY it to the Heavens for the whole internet to see!

That's exactly what 21-year-old makeup artist Amarie Proctor did when she found out about the new Powerpuff sister, Bliss.

"When you find out there's a Black Powerpuff," she captioned the photo of her completed look on Instagram. "I’m probably late but I just saw her. And I’m so happy. I got inspired by her beautiful ass. THANK YOU Cartoon Network!"

People. Did she slay or did she SLAY! 

Proctor used the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil palette ($16.99, BH Cosmetics) for the purple shadow on her eyes. The glitter in the corners is called Paragon Sky and comes from Bulk Glitters ($28.40, Bulk Glitters).

She went simpler with her lips and slid on Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb ($18, Fenty Beauty). Her brows were done with the crowd's favorite: Anastasia's Dipbrow pomade ($18, Anastasia Beverly Hills) in Ebony.

But her blue hair, though!? It's perfect!

"When I first saw Bliss, I instantly loved the colors aqua and purple mixed together," she shared during a BET interview.

"I immediately started thinking about what makeup looks I could create," she explained. "I knew that making myself look like an actual PowerPuff Girl was gonna be a bit challenging, so I took a more safer route and created a more 'wearable look'... if you will It’s was really fun to just play around with the makeup and I was in love with the outcome.

Despite how drop dead dope this looks, Proctor was met with a few trolls after her makeup post went viral.

photo: Giphy

The comments section of Proctor's post turned into a full-out debate about whether or not there should even be a Black Powerpuff girl. 

One commenter described Bliss as "a bastardization of everything I loved about Powerpuff Girls as a child."

Another person wrote, "I'm all about representation in kids shows but fuck dude why you gotta fuck with the main storyline of the fucking 'Powerpuff Girls' man. The fuck is this? I'm salty as hell." 

Some comments were even more extreme, with someone writing, "The black powderpuff needs to go and get shot." 

But chillax, people. The "Powerpuff Girls" is just a show and this BOMB makeup creation is just beauty. Can we all appreciate art and keep it moving?