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Manny MUA doesn't look like this anymore.

photo: Manny MUA

UPDATE: With no filter, Manny's hair is actually SILVER, not blonde! Scroll down for photos. 

Stop the presses! Manny MUA made a huge hair color change just in time for Coachella. 

As long as we've known him, Mr. MUA has been a brunette, but no more! He's blonde. That's right, his brand new, bouncy blonde shag has Twitter shooketh to the core. Literally every commenter has lost their wig and doesn't know where to find it. 

photo: Twitter/ @JoeyGraceffc
photo: Twitter/@EmilyGA12

We won't make you wait any longer. Check out his new 'do below! 

He shared the beginning of the transformation on Snapchat, where he was feeling his post-wash, slicked-back look. 

photo: Snapchat/Manny MUA

His stylist's blowout game is clearly very strong. Look at that volume! 

photo: Snapchat/Manny MUA

Immediately after sharing his blonde bombshell, Manny announced a new collaboration with Sugarbear Hair, a hair supplement gummy that's notorious for sponsored content on Instagram. 

photo: Snapchat/Manny MUA

Back in 2016, the YouTuber shared his hairline surgery with fans. 

photo: Twitter/MannyMUA

"I have an intense ass widow's peak so I'm filling in the sides to make it look more full," he explained. 

Hopefully we can all look forward to a blonde hair transformation video and lots of tutorials on caring for blonde hair from our newly blonde Manny MUA! 

UPDATE: Here's the unfiltered pic Manny posted later that revealed his Coachella hair is actually silvery gray. 

Manny mua silver gray hair
photo: Snapchat/MannyMUA

Which Manny MUA do you prefer?

photo: Manny MUA photo: Manny MUA