manny mua fat shamed
photo: Manny MUA

Manny Gutierrez — aka Manny MUA — is famous for breaking down barriers in beauty. He was the first man in history to be the face of Maybelline, after all.

But even Manny isn't impervious to the internet troll brigade. After haters tried to body shame him, Gutierrez took to Snapchat to clap back at everyone who said he was "too fat" to show off his body.

It all started when Manny walked in the Marco Marco runway show — a big, exciting moment that ANYONE would have lived for.

Manny walks at 3:10, right after Nikita Dragun and before James Charles.

Unfortunately, internet trolls were quick to take Manny's moment and dump all over it — mocking everything from his runway walk to his body.

I'm not going to dignify ANY of those hateful comments by embedding them here — Manny was told to "stick to makeup," because he's "too big" to wear revealing underwear like that.

Yeah. Classic body-shaming shit.

The online body hate got so loud that Manny took to Snapchat to address the situation — and issue a thunderous clapback to fat shamers everywhere.

The Snap story, posted while Manny was heading off to the gym, thanks his Mannyacs (lol) for defending him against the "rachet-ass bitches" who were calling him names.

But he's not just telling the jerks who think it's fun to police people's bodies to cram it with walnuts — this was also a teachable moment.

"The thing is, I’m not a runway model. I know I cannot walk like a runway model," he said. "And I know I’m not a size two. I am a thicker girl, it is what it is. Body shaming [...] has been going on for me for a long time... because I’m not a size two. I don’t have a six pack. I don’t have pecs of steel."

"I think it’s really cool Marco Marco shows so much diversity on his runway," Manny said of the show, which was incredibly diverse. "You don’t have to be a size two model, male or female, to be able to be on the runway. [Marco Marco] makes clothes for every type of person, and that’s what should be celebrated... But I think there’s something to be said about the diversity shown on the runway. A lot of us might not be able to walk like a runway model, but that wasn’t the point — it was to show diversity and have your personality shown."

"I’m not embarrassed about my body. People who are calling me fat, or saying I’m too thick to be wearing what I’m wearing — whatever they may say, I’m not embarrassed of my body anymore."

"I was for so long, and I was so insecure," he said. "I just stopped focusing on what other people thought about what I looked, and started focusing on what I thought of myself."

Hell YES — this is the kind of positive message we're here for! But Manny wasn't even done.

"Fuck what everyone says. If you guys are feeling insecure about what anyone says about you — whether they’re trying to fat shame you or skinny shame you, or any kind of shame you, don’t listen to them and follow your heart."

"I’m going to the gym because I want to be healthier," he said of his fitness journey, which shows up frequently on his Snapchat. "I want to be able to look at myself naked in the mirror and think “fuck yeah!”

But just because he's working to change himself physically doesn't mean he thinks anyone else should feel like they have to. "If you want to change for yourself, awesome. If you want to stay the way you are, stay the way you are. It’s totally, totally fine."

In an industry that prizes an unattainable standard of beauty and thinness, Manny speaking out on this honestly is SO important.

In a world where aspiring makeup artists often feel pressured into getting surgical procedures to "make it" as YouTubers and influencers, it's refreshing to hear Manny getting all the way real about how harmful holding people to those standards can be.

There is no one "good" body, just like there's no one "good" face. Makeup is a magical, empowering tool that I firmly believe can change the world — so let's all work to make sure that EVERYONE sees themselves represented, without shame, in the beauty industry.

Well done, Manny.