If you haven't noticed, Manny Gutierrez and Jeffree Star make a LOT of videos together.

And in these videos, Manny tends to echo Jeffree's opinions. This is fact.

Just watch this five-minute supercut of the two of them together. It's a thing.

Manny says it's just a habit, and that he does it to pretty much everyone.

But Twitter has taken Manny's "habit" and run with it at lightning speed.

And now it's reached full-blown meme status.

Even Jeffree himself can't resist poking a little fun at his best friend.

The funniest part? Jeffree literally can't tweet ANYTHING without his mentions flooding with memes.

Yeah, so flooded.

But it's all in good fun, right, Manny?

Yeah, literally so fun.

photo: Giphy

I kid, I kid.

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