Jeffree Star may be the pop sensation turned makeup mogul in his high-profile relationship but his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, is a star on his own. Star popped up on the internet with his new bae a few years ago and the two have been nearly inseparable ever since. Although most Jeffree Star fans know all about Schwandt's affinity for skateboarding and living the stoner's life, there are a few other fun facts about him that are also worth knowing. 

Check out these 21 tidbits about Jeffree Star's bae, Nathan Schwandt. 

Schwandt and Star just celebrated their four-year anniversary. 

"Happy four Year Anniversary my love! So many beautiful memories [with] you! You mean the [world] to me," he wrote to Jeffree Star on Instagram. 

He loves skateboarding and is actually pretty good.

Schwandt is literally always sharing videos of himself skateboarding. He also has a skateboarding ramp at the home he shares with Jeffree Star.

He's also not too bad at wave surfing.

Schwandt just learned to wave surf over one year ago. He said he would take it up as a new hobby so you can likely expect more videos of him catching waves this summer. 

Like his other half, Jeffree Star, Schwandt is a major label-lover.

He's often spotted wearing Supreme, Louis Vuitton (although not as frequently as the Louis Vuitton-tatted Jeffree Star), and more. He's most frequently spotted wearing Gucci. 

Schwandt is also a model for, you guessed it, Jeffree Star Cosmetics!

He does have a charming face, right? Also, his Michigan-turned-California transplant vibe makes total sense for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand. 

If you can’t tell by his Instagram, he’s a VERY outdoorsy person.

Netflix and chill, for what?! Not all the time and not when you're this rich! Schwandt and Star are always on super scenic nature dates. Whether they're horseback riding, on a yacht being richer than all of us, or going for a hike wearing Gucci — they are always enjoying the great outdoors. 

He has a portrait of his deceased grandfather tattooed on his arm. 

Nathan Schwandt has loads of realism tattoos and as many as he has, it seems he always miraculously finds space for a new one. "Got a portrait of my grandfather on my arm from @inkslingers yesterday! Such an amazing piece. Love your gramps! Rest In Peace," he wrote on Instagram.

He also has this fire tattoo of a very special character.

Hi Yoda! In case you can't tell, Schwandt gets a lot of his tattoos done by Brian Gonzales of Ink Slingers. 

And in case you can't tell by the Yoda, Schwandt is a pretty huge Star Wars fan.

He owns this Darth Vader mug, has the Yoda tattoo, and even has a photo of himself posing next to R2D2 on his Instagram. Also yes, he celebrates May the Fourth just like the rest of us! 

"May the 4th be with you! Star Wars for the rest of the evening," he captioned this photo of his mug.

Jeffree Star is Nathan Schwandt's first boyfriend. 

Prior to Jeffree Star, Schwandt had only dated women. "It's not about gender. It’s more so about having a connection with somebody and it’s just something that clicked with me and him," Nathan shared in a YouTube video. 

And here is the boujee-est proof that Nathan Schwandt is a super clutch boyfriend.

You read that right. Nathan Schwandt knows how to secure the bags, literally. He packed up he and Star's Tesla with all of his most precious designer bags to protect them from the wildfires in California in 2018. No, this isn't to make light of the fact that those wildfires were damaging. We're simply highlighting that Schwandt and purse-loving Jeffree Star seem kind of perfect for each other in every single way down to their shared reverence for designer bags.

Schwandt's parents welcomed Jeffree Star with open arms on the first day that he introduced them.

”When I got to his house the first time, mom and dad were there, and it was amazing," Star shared on his YouTube channel. "Everything was dope. They made me feel so at home and comfortable in my own skin.” 

Unsurprisingly, he had no real skin-care routine before Jeffree Star. 

Now, Jeffree Star has hooked him up with all the knowledge to keep his skin healthy. From toner to face masks, Schwandt's skin has the ultimate Jeffree Star glow-up!

Schwandt has two skin-care steps that he follows nearly every day. 

He tones every morning and does loads of moisturizing. Of course, his partner is very proud of this habit change.

The dude actually cooks!

We don't know how often he does it. We don't know how advanced his skills are. But Nathan Schwandt knows how to actually get inside of a kitchen and do something other than boil water or light a blunt on a flame. Issa CATCH.

Speaking of you-know-whats. He rolls his you-know-whats on a Versace plate. 

Yes, everyone. Nathan Schwandt breaks it down and rolls it up in style. A Versace plate can run anywhere between $785 to $475. 

He’s never lived with anyone but his parents until he met Jeffree Star.

Schwandt revealed this in his first Q&A on Jeffree Star's channel. There is no hate and absolutely no shade in us mentioning this fun fact about him. If anything, we all need him to write a glow-up handbook. It truly gets no glow-uppier. I moved from my mother's house into a dorm room with no A/C and a roommate who didn't believe in baths. Nathan Schwandt definitely has a cheat code that I wish had in life. I would love to leave my current tiny New York domicile and move into some Calabasas home with pink walls, videogames, and all the other rich people things he and Star enjoy on the daily.

He's a huge movie buff.

He calls them his "escape" from the real world. He and Star have a huge movie library and since Star loves to read, sometimes they have cute nights in where Jeffree Star will read a book while Schwandt watches a movie. 

His favorite Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick color is Dirty Money and you already know why.

Dirty Money is green which is also the color of one of Nathan's favorite, ahem, herbs. He also loves the Tiffany Blue lipstick shade. 

In 2017, Schwandt released his first makeup collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

The collection included this cute photo shoot with Jeffree Star and their Pomeranians. It came with six liquid lipsticks, a highlighter, and two lip scrubs. It's no longer available on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website but you can grab the entire collection on Beautylish!

He and Jeffree Star have a super low-key marijuana business.

Schwandt was originally working in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse but has now moved on to investing in the marijuana business with Star. They have not shared the name of this business but we can clearly see the fruit of their labor.