NikkieTutorials traveled to Amsterdam for a weekend with friends but unfortunately, the trip ended on a scary note. 

"Last night in Amsterdam, I was assaulted by two men," she wrote on Twitter. "They hardcore kicked my foot, I fell down and their goal was for me to drop my purse, so they could take it. Didn't drop it, so they ran off. Assholes."

"My foot is very sore and swollen, but I'm okay," she continued. 

"Just such a big eye opener. It's good to be aware that there are people with evil intentions out there." 

Thankfully, Nikkie's friends were close and able to help her out right then and there. 

"Not gonna lie, I was so scared they were gonna do worse stuff after I fell," she wrote. "But thank God they ran off and my friends ran to cops so they could chase the bitches." 

And friendship is also what's helping her get through the aftermath of such a traumatic experience. 

"Today I spent with friends doing nothing but fun and positive stuff," she wrote about how she's recovering. "I don't know what I would've done without them! So grateful."  

Nikkie's Twitter followers immediately sent out supportive messages — including some of her fellow beauty influencers.

"Thank God you're okay," Jaclyn Hill wrote to her. "That would have been a life changing situation!! I'm so sorry that happened to you Nikkie." 

Kind words just kept flowing.

Assault sucks and should not happen. We are sending well wishes of safety and peace to Nikkie Tutorials going forward. 

photo: Giphy

Take care everyone!