Nikkie De Jager has been pretty open about the fact that 2018 has been really, really hard for her. In May, her younger brother died after a long battle with lymphatic cancer, and the loss resulted in a major creative rut.

The resilient YouTuber opened up about how she's trying to feel happy again — and more creative — in the wake of such a major life event. And if you've ever felt downtrodden and uninspired for ANY reason, you'll relate so hard.

In her latest video, De Jager discussed how losing her brother is affecting her creativity — and how she's trying to cope.

"We need to talk," she began. "Lately, and especially with everything that's been happening in my personal life, things have been a little bit — and dare I say it — inspiration-less. Lately, I've just been feeling so uninspired; I'm in this creative rut, and basically I just want to sit down and play with makeup and talk to you guys.

"In all seriousness, guys, I am in need of some spark in my life; that’s why I'm going for this stormy look."

"When you lose a loved one, simple stuff that cheers you up almost makes you feel guilty," she said.

"Especially after everything that happened in my family ... it’s just that makeup, although it makes me so happy, it also feels almost as if I couldn’t be happy about it — like, as if I’m not allowed to..."

She continued, "You’re like ‘how can something so simple make me so happy when this just happened?’ ... [But] the simple stuff is there to help you, and for me, that’s makeup."

And now the entirety of De Jager's fanbase is rallying around her, because we've all been through tough times.

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"Love you Nikkie!" one fan wrote on De Jager's Instagram. "Giving you support and my prayers during this time for your family and yourself."

"You look absolutely gorgeous Nikkie" wrote another. "You’re such an inspiration. Prayers for Mikai."

"I think your little brother would be very proud of you and what you do," wrote a third.

Watch De Jager's entire video below:

Maybe it can help you get out of your creative rut.