Nikkie de Jager shared a throwback photo of her younger self for trans visibility day
photo: Splash News

March 31 was Trans Day of Visibility, and NikkieTutorials aka Nikkie de Jager posted an inspiring message to her younger self. 

De Jager came out as transgender earlier this year. While the circumstances of her coming out process were disappointing (she was blackmailed into telling her story), the outpouring of love and support from her fans made it all worth it. The beauty influencer has expressed feeling so free after speaking her truth, and we couldn't be happier for her. 

The YouTuber shared a heartfelt post with a throwback photo of her younger self to mark an important holiday for trans people.

The artist's post says so much about her journey.

International Trans Day of Visibility is an important holiday for trans people to celebrate their stories and bring awareness to the discrimination that they face. De Jager made an emotional post dedicated to her younger self. She wrote, "I wish I could hug that girl, look her straight into her eyes and tell her: 'you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. hold on queen!'"

The entire post reads: "happy #transdayofvisibility 2020 completely changed my life, and at times it got really, really dark... but looking back now, I’ve never felt so free."

"On the left is the day we left my dead-name in the past and I reintroduced myself to my classmates as Nikkie. it was the first day I wore a girly outfit and had my hair in braids. I remember feeling so terrified but strong at the same time..."

"I wish I could hug that girl, look her straight into her eyes and tell her: 'you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. hold on queen!' on the right is me yesterday.. a strong woman who sometimes still is scared of the world but knows she has the most amazing support system behind her."

De Jager came out as transgender in January of this year.

The YouTuber expressed that she had received blackmail threats that individuals were going to leak her story, so she chose to speak her truth herself. De Jager explained to her millions of subscribers in a video called "I'm Coming Out" that she was transgender and it didn't change at all who she had always been. Posting the video took courage and inspired so many of de Jager's fans, LGBTQ or otherwise.

Now she's an inspiration for the trans and LGBTQ community.

The influencer has totally embraced her trans identity now and is an inspiration to her followers. Her first makeup look after the coming out video was one dedicated to the trans flag. In her caption she wrote, "Wearing it with pride, baby!"

Sharing this childhood throwback photo was a totally vulnerable and brave thing to do.

"We stan the mini queen on the left just as much as the queen on the right. We love you Nikkie! Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable moment with your glow babies," one fan tweeted at de Jager. 

The young girl on the left photo has absolutely no idea what is ahead of her, but her bravery for living her truth sparked a catalyst for the makeup influencer's incredible journey.

Fans are so proud of their favorite beauty YouTuber.

One fan wrote, "Inspiring and magical! So glad you decided to be who you truly are. You are an exceptional human being!"

Nikita Dragun, another transgender beauty influencer, shared her love and support in de Jager's comments.

De Jager was one of the first major beauty influencers in the YouTube community, so when she came out, it was a big deal to those who had looked up to her. Nikita Dragun was one of those individuals. She wrote, "happy #transdayofvisibility queen... congratulations on living ur truth! from one t girl to another ur such an inspiration to so many including me xo."

Patrick Starr and Demi Lovato also sent their love on the heartfelt post.

"This is beautiful! So proud of you... such an inspiration...," Lovato wrote. Patrick Starrr commented, "Omg ilysmmmmmmm." 

De Jager's supporters come in all forms, from fans to celebrities to makeup brands, and they all were here for her incredible journey.