Budding beauty YouTuber Nyma Tang looks drop-dead fly AF wearing a full face of Rihanna's seriously hyped Fenty Beauty products.

But Tang is a professional, and her love of Rihanna didn't stop her from sharing some pretty interesting (and somewhat controversial) opinions on the line in her YouTube review.

Tang used a Fenty Beauty Match Stick in the shade "Truffle" and had an easy time highlighting and blending beneath her eyes.

The truffle match stick ($25, Sephora) seemed to blend easily and quickly, but Tang ultimately preferred not to use it. Instead,she blended the other cinnamon highlighter match stick as an eye shadow with her fingers. 

She didn't express any complaints about the product quality, but just prefers to apply powder highlighter. 

Tang also really enjoyed the Gloss Bomb, the only lip product in the Fenty Beauty lineup for now.

"I like. It does seem like more of an everyday gloss," she said. 

The product she gave a mixed review about? Trophy Wife, the super gold standout product that every other blogger is raving about.

I know. I know. It's the crowd's favorite

But Tang's no hater. She low-key gushed over how gorgeous the highlighter looked on her skin, but gave a few details about the product that other reviews completely overlooked.

"It's a little glittery and grainier than I thought it would be. So it doesn’t have like a skin glow," she said. "It is a little bit more for special occasions or special events. Like if it’s your birthday or it’s your launch party or something like that," she said.

Rihanna *did* look like the actual sun at her launch party. Sigh. 

In short? Trophy Wife is INTENSE AF, and it's not your usual highlighter consistency. Just be prepared before you make that initial brush stroke across those cheeks. 

It's also worth it to note that there are other ways to wear Trophy Wife, like as an eye shadow or as subtle highlight on the inner corners of your eyes.

But if you're the queen of extra and ride-or-die for a bold Trophy Wife glow, then, well...

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Do you, boo!