If you still think Patrick Starrr is Spongebob's best friend, you need to get it together! Patrick Starrr is the Youtube sensation known for crazy transformations and out-of-this-world beauty looks. He's transformed into Kim Kardashian and even did her makeup once. Clearly, he's a boss. 

But this time, he really outdid himself. Patrick transformed into THE Queen B. Oh yeah, we're talking about Beyonce.

First, Patrick put in colored contacts that match Beyonce's hazel eyes.

Clearly, he was fully committed.

He then moisturized for that Beyonce ~glow.~

Then it was time for some Bey brows.

Followed by a ***FLAWLESS foundation.

Which you know he had to blend out with his beloved "booty blender."

He used bronze and golden glitter for a HALO eye ... get it? Yeah, we thought so.

He topped off his makeup with a brown lip. You still might not see the Beyonce in him, but then....

BOOM. BEY HAIR. Where did Patrick go?

All we see is Bey all day.


The twins even made a guest appearance.

We're deeming Patrick Starrr the only person worthy of Beyonce's presence.

Watch his entire transformation here:

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