Patrick Starrr is one of YouTube's top beauty names — millions subscribe to his channel, countless brands pay for his endorsements, and he's even glammed the likes of Katy Perry and Jessie J. 

But Starrr has had his share of haters on the path to fame, including some former bosses. 

Back in 2012, before he was a YouTube celebrity, Starrr worked at a department store cosmetics counter.

Naturally, he'd show up to work looking SLAYED on the regular — until one day, his boss told him to take his makeup off.

Starrr told Seventeen he showed up for a shift with a blue cut crease and his manager asked him to swap it for "boy glam." 

According to Starrr, he was told his makeup wasn't "department-store friendly" multiple times at multiple jobs.

"I was also asked a second time, about a year later, at a different counter. This was when I was wearing polka dot black and white eyeliner," Starrr told Seventeen.

"I remember crying in the back when they asked me the second time to wipe it off," Starrr told Seventeen. "In my head... I was thinking to myself,' I'll set the trend one day.'"

Years later, Starr is getting sweet revenge with his wild success — most recently by doing Katy Perry's makeup.

"I hope the manager at my old job that told me to wipe off my makeup sees this," he tweeted. "Makeup is one size fits all."

Tell those makeup shamers where they can stick it, Starrr.

That'll teach 'em.

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