This is JJ Smith, an up and coming YouTuber otherwise known as Sailor J. She has some WORDS about so-called "Thanksgiving-inspired makeup looks."

Please, please, PLEASE watch Sailor J's Thanksgiving 'makeup tutorial."

It's called How To Do Thanksgiving Makeup That Has Nothing To Do With The 566 Federally Recognized Tribes, and it's going to change your damn life.

Basically, it's a parody of makeup tutorials that blatantly appropriate Native American culture, which are all too popular around Thanksgiving.

And it includes such fire quotes as, "This look is inspired by 'Pocahontas,' because Disney is so fuckin' accurate with its cultural depictions."

Also, "Every six seconds, a white woman on YouTube does a Native-inspired makeup look when it has nothing to do with Native culture."

Sailor J made the video after a Native American subscriber requested she make a funny commentary on the subject.

"For her people, the reality is really sad — but she said by turning it comedic, it almost gave her a kind of escape for a moment," she said. "I'm not Native American by blood, or at least I don't think [I am]. It was honestly just for her. I believe in defending all women regardless of whether or not I share their ethnicity."

And despite a slew of racist responses, she said it was worth it to feel that Native American issues were being acknowledged.

"There are a lot of racists on YouTube spewing the n-word or calling me a wetback. The craziest is that I'M being called a racist for pointing out that the majority of women who do these looks on YouTube are white — even though I said our entire country is guilty of appropriating, a lot of white folk couldn't see past the word 'white.' 

"On the other hand, so many people loved it... Which makes it worth it, because they feel they're being heard, and I'm proving that you don't have to be the same ethnicity to stick up for someone."

The point she makes about Native American cultures and derogatory beauty videos is an important one.

"Native-inspired" makeup worn by non-Native people is, whether you like or not, hugely offensive. Sailor J encourages you to learn more from the Center For American Indian Research and Native Studies.

"It's all about YOUR convenience and not the wellbeing of a traumatized nation of people."

Sailor J hopes expressing that humorously will help get the point across — clearly, it's working for the thousands of people who have liked the video on YouTube.

"If you can make somebody laugh, it eases the tension," she said. "Everyone likes to laugh. The worst thing is when you’re really mad at someone but they make you laugh, because after you laugh, you can’t really stay mad — and it opens a more comfortable environment for serious conversation."

Ain't that the damn truth.

Sailor J, keep doing you!

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