Some days you love your life, and some days you wonder why you didn't drop everything and start a YouTube channel when the getting was good. The top five highest-paid YouTubers from 2018 and their earnings will make you seriously wish for the latter. But first, who do you think made the list? Jeffree Star? Jaclyn Hill? James Charles? Nikkie Tutorials? Welp, only one name on that list actually landed a top five spot. 

Other than that, it's not the beauty YouTube world that's bringing in the multimillions. This highest-paid YouTubers list will knock your entire wig off. Four of the top five influencers create content for video games, sports, random Ridiculousness-worthy pranks, and toy reviews. Together, they have amassed over 100 million followers and almost as many dollars. 

The most mind-boggling thing about it is that the person who earned the most YouTube cash in 2018 is only in the first grade. You might think that spot would go to Star, who owns several successful business, lives in a decked-out mansion, and has bought more luxury cars than you can count on both hands — but it's not. Star actually ranks much lower on this list than we would expect, given all those factors.

Check out the top five richest YouTube influencers in the clip ahead, but you might want to be sitting down once you get to number one.