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photo: Rihanna

It's 2017, and Rihanna is our crowned queen.

Not only is her makeup line and clothing collab breaking records, noted Bad Gal RiRi *also* finds time to utterly delight our hearts on social media. She'll talk to her fans. She'll clap back at brands that try to shade her. And she'll repost funny videos and pictures to her heart's content.

Yes, if Instagram is any indication, Rihanna is truly all of us — and unlike a lot of other celebrities, she really seems to have an awesome, weird sense of humor. Here are 12 times Rihanna was the self-deprecating, hilarious queen of our hearts.

Let us first remember the time a beautiful genius photoshopped Queen Elizabeth's head on Rihanna's body — and Rihanna started reposting her favorite images.

rihanna queen of england meme
photo: @badgalriri

WHO WORE THE GUCCI MORPH SUIT BETTER: Bad Gal RiRi, or the Queen? Rihanna kinda thinks QEII has the edge.

rihanna queen
photo: @badgalriri

You absolutely cannot come for Rihanna's style, because she is the meme queen.

rihanna queen meme
photo: @badgalriri

Rihanna is all of us, reposting videos of cute kids singing along to Cardi B and captioning them "Me af."

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Seriously — Jess and I send each other these videos all the time.

Other celebrites might get insulted about their fans dressing up dogs in versions of their famous outfits. Not Rih — she's into it.

She captioned this one, "Casual."

And, while the Met Gala is an occasion for the ultimate in sartorial seriousness, Rihanna *WILL* find pictures of dogs wrapped in yellow bathrobes, and she *WILL* share them on her Instagram.

Who wore it better?

This also has a really sweet side, because if you dress your child as Rihanna — for Halloween, for a party, for a run to the grocery store — she'll know. And she'll love it.

rihanna twin
photo: @badgalriri

This is too cute.

And if you and your squad want to recreate *all* of her lewks, she'll repost you, too.

This photo was captioned, "Meanwhile, in Times Square..."

But that doesn't mean Rihanna is above using her Instagram for some savagery — like when her team "accidentally" effed with her breakfast.

rihanna jokes
photo: @badgalriri

"This is not what I had in mind when I said portion control!!!" wrote Rihanna. "#pinkslipORnah"

And Rih's employees may have *thought* they'd get away with making a gigantic Rihanna-shaped pinata because she wasn't around — but nope.

According to Rih, this pinata was made "When you don't show up to the office for #BossAppreciationDay." She made sure to add that she "#FiredThemAll." Because you can't troll a troll.

And let's not forget about that time Diplo told the world that Rihanna personally roasted his music, and she just responded "My bad."

The full story is here.

Rihanna, you are our self-deprecating meme queen.

rihanna queen of england meme
photo: @badgalriri

Bow down, bitches.