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Tati Westbrook, a.k.a. GlamLifeGuru, is one of the most well-known makeup reviewers on YouTube. Her first impressions videos have the power to make or break a new or gimmicky product — and no matter what you think of her taste in friends, she's definitely honest when it comes to makeup.

So when she reviewed MAC Cosmetics hotly anticipated "pizza cutter" eyeliner, the internet waited with bated breath: Would it be Tati-approved? Would she genuinely like the potentially revolutionary applicator?

We didn't have long to wait. Her new review took the "gimmicky" liner and put it through its paces — with spectacularly bad results.

"A lot of you wanted me to try this out," Tati said. "It looks like a pizza cutter, but it's an eyeliner."

"When something looks weird... I'm gonna try it on." The weird liner is question is MAC's Rollerwheel liner ($21, MAC Cosmetics), which has a circular disk applicator that "rolls" the product onto your eye... just like a pizza cutter.

It's meant to make liner application easier... but will it really? Tati's about to find out.

She's a long-time fan of MAC, but was surprised by the brand's choice to come out with — her words — a gimmicky product.

"MAC isn’t the kind of brand that comes out with gimmicky things," she said, holding up the PR package to reveal a close-up of the rolling-wheel liner in action.

First impressions? "That's really small! Disappointingly small..."

The actual design of the liner was confusing, too. "You open it up and there’s this weird thing that you dip it into that takes off some of the product."

photo: Tati Westbrook / YouTube

According to artists I know, working with a LITTLE product with this applicator is the best way to use it. So this is actually genius.

From there, it's swatch time. “Oh! That’s actually really firm! It’s a hard plastic… like it’s sharp.”


Bravely, she continued on — and tried to do a cat eye with the rolling disk-style liner.

"I am suddenly nervous. This is a very fine tip that we’re working with."

"OK... this is a lot harder to use than I thought it would be."

photo: Tati Westbrook / YouTube

"Eff my LIFE," she exclaimed, looking at her patchy, uneven cat eye. The pizza cutter was proving itself useless!

"I'm gonna try to smooth this out," Tati said. But even her advanced cat eye skills couldn't make the Rollerwheel happen.

"This dried down really quickly," she said, patting her patchy cat eye. "You don’t have much playtime at all. I feel like need more ink on here but it’s probably going to coat up and get weird."

And indeed it did. As Westbrook went through trying to even out the coverage — the disc applicator picked up the dry liner and made it look WORSE.

Uncool, Rollerwheel.

"Is that my imagination, or does that look pretty awful?" she asked her viewers. "Dang, I do NOT like this product."

"But I can't leave it looking like this," she said.

"We’re gonna go in with this fresh one on the other eyeball," she said, unboxing a brand new Rollerwheel liner. "It’s nice if you’re just getting it close to the lash line..."


"I fucking HATE this product," Tati exclaimed.

Tati is honest, but she rarely hates products outright.

So this isn't just a burn, it's a three-alarm FIRE.

"I don’t even know what to say here," Westbrook said, liner akimbo. "This just did not work out for me."

This MAC liner, according to Tati, was a “nightmare.”

"It’s really hard to hold, and really hard to get placement at the lash line. The idea makes sense, but actually putting this on your eyes? I’m pretty goshdarned good at liner, and I can usually get it straight. This made things more difficult. I was hoping that how firm it was, and the cool shape of this, that this would work out really well… This [applicator wheel] made things more difficult, which I don’t think was the intention of anyone who would go out of their way to purchase it."

The pizza cutter-style applicator was SO bad, Tati opted to not even review the formula of the liner itself.

photo: Tati Westbrook / YouTube

"I really don’t care if this formula is really great and long-wearing," she said. "MAC has other formulas without the weird hokey-pokey disk business — go and purchase those instead."

So in Tati's opinion, not only is the Rollerwheel a hard pass, they should be stricken from the eyeliner record FOREVER.

RIP, MAC Rollerwheel. You were cute while you lasted.

Watch her entire review right here. It's a short one, because she hates it so much.

Thanks for keeping it real, girl.