If you want an instant reminder of how much times have changed, just look at YouTube. As someone who has been beauty vlogging since 2008, I can definitely attest to the fact that the game has CHANGED. What started as just a bunch of beauty lovers sharing makeup tips in front of a webcam has transformed into a multimillion-dollar business, where money bags and free products abound. 

But the production value isn't the only thing that has changed. Whether it's growing up, or even a little selective surgery, the faces of our favorite beauty gurus look quite a bit different now than when we first met them.


James Charles

James Charles old photos
photo: Instagram/James Charles

The makeup powerhouse has surely blossomed and the transformation is incredible. He ditched the surfer 'do for something more chic, with lots more contour. 


Nikita Dragun

photo: Twitter/NikitaDragun

Dragun has never been afraid of sharing her iconic #tbts. With an amped-up wig game, clearer skin, and an upgraded makeup routine, she looks better than ever. 


Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill 10 year challenge
photo: Instagram/Jaclyn Hill

Who could forget when Hill posted her 10-year challenge to her Instagram? The once goth girl has transformed, and she's almost completely unrecognizable.


Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan old photo
photo: Instagram/Huda

The beauty mogul, who's been open about her plastic surgery stories, is surely looking different these days. We must say, the work she's had done is wonderful.


Shayla Mitchell

Shayla Mitchell old photo
photo: Instagram/MakeupShayla

Mitchell has surely come a long way from those poorly lit selfies, but one thing is for sure: she has always been queen of the beat face. Even all those years ago, that eye blend and those brows are still iconic today. 


Michelle Phan

She has definitely switched it up in the last decade. The YouTube OG has transformed completely between 2007 and today.


Manny Gutierrez

manny gutierrez before after
photo: Manny Gutierrez/YouTube

The beauty boy has fully embraced the full-coverage foundation life since 2012. Bare-face no more, we're loving the extra! 



She's surely changed a lot. Here she is in 2010, and here she is today. Shows how much changing your brows and hair color can transform your look.


Carli Bybel

The YouTube OG has always been a beauty, but she's upgraded her style with modern makeup and some amazing Hollywood waves. 


Amanda Ensing

Ensing looked totally different in 2008 than she did in 2016. Check out her recent glam makeup tutorial.



Her transformation surely trumps everyone on the list. Her looks continue to evolve, and we continue to stan. 


Jackie Aina

jackie aina before after
photo: Jackie Aina/YouTube

Her smoky eyes improved just as much as her 2009 camera quality. These days, Aina is taking over the beauty world and we continue to root for her success. 


Jeffree Star

Star looks SO different now than he did in his 2010 "Beauty Killer" music video. Before: music star. After: beauty guru.


Tati Westbrook

tati before after
photo: Tati Westbrook/YouTube

She's always been glam af, but you can't deny that her lighting and makeup skills are way better than they were in 2011.


Dulce Candy 

Here she is in 2008, and then in 2016. Total metamorphosis. Her recent aquatic-inspired tutorial is amazing.


Bethany Mota 

In her first haul video in 2009 versus today, where she's the lifestyle vlogging queen. We love a subtle transformation. 


Julie G 

Wow. She hit the scene in 2008, and her change was perhaps the most dramatic of all.


Nicole Guerrero 

nicole guerreiro before after
photo: Nicole Guerreiro/YouTube

She made an eyebrow transformation that'll give any overplucked '90s kid hope. These days the beauty legend continues to wow us. 


Who is your favorite YouTube beauty transformation?

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