YouTube challenges continue to sweep the YouTube beauty community, because there's truly nothing better than watching beautiful people act like fools for our amusement.

The latest? None other than "the twin challenge," where YouTubers transform their friends, family, and partners into... themselves.

Witness the majesty of the Twin Challenge, and fall OVER as these 11 vloggers blow your mind with insane twinsformations.

The challenge was started by BeautyVixxen, who gave her lifelong best friend Evelyn the most INSANE makeover. The resemblance is beyond uncanny.

Honestly, if you showed me these two women — who are both named "Meatball" for some reason? — made up like this, I couldn't tell you who was who. This is straight-up eerie.

Jackie Aina transformed her sister Folake into her literal TWIN.

Jackie says she gave Folake the "signature" Jackie look — with lots of pink, rose gold, and glowing highlight. And not only do these sisters look the same, they ACT the same. So, so cute!

Nikkie transformed her BFF Kim Thai into Nikkie Part 2. It's astonishing how similar they look!

"When she was blonde, she used to get a lot of comments saying that she looked like me," said Nikkie. Even though they were both really nervous, the end result is undeniable.

Nyma Tang gave her baby sister Tia a makeover with that Nyma signature look — and Tia could be her doppleganger.

Nyma says that she and Tia look the same, but have totally opposite personalities — probably something that happens in a family of seven sisters. With the super-highlighted skin and pink, glossy lips, Nyma TOTALLY transformed her sister into her mini-me.

Carli Bybel gave her childhood best friend the ultimate Bybel-style face beat.

Carli didn't just give her BFF the matte, rosy lips and carved out crease she's known for — she added hair extensions AND sprayed her hair to make it darker. That's commitment to a theme.

Christine Du made me do a double-take after she did her bestie Cynthia's face.

Christine and Cynthia grew up together, and have gone through some SERIOUS makeup trends together — like the full face of bronzer look circa the early aughts. But with defined brows and a face highlighted and contoured to the gods, the Christina and Cynthia look more like sisters than anything else.

Cydnee Black turned her mom into her clone — or, as her mom explained it, "She came from this. So she's gonna make me up the way SHE would be made up."

Cydnee's mom is HILARIOUS, by the way — and really liked her smoky eye and power blush beauty look.

Kennedy Cymone and her mom already looked a lot alike — but after this hair and makeup transformation, they're looking like mirror images.

When Kennedy whipped out the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, her mom's face was PRICELESS. Also priceless: "You look good, mom." "Thank you. I do."

Ashley turned her four year old daughter into her teeny tiny twin.

Her daughter, Kenzie, says she's a princess — so Ashley gave her some pinky-purple eye shadow, highlighter, and lip gloss. The wig was one that Ashley used to wear all the time, and made Kenzie feel "beautiful."

Jaelah used her makeup skills and possibly also actual magic to turn her 16 year old sister into her dead ringer.

When he put that wig on, I SCREAMED. This is undeniably incredible!

But it wasn't until Hannah turned her brother into her that I undrstood the true meaning of seeing double.

Lol, just kidding. But it DOES look like these two had a buttload of fun — and can this dude rock a highlight or what?