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European fashion you don't have to board flight for.

photo: Elvi/Hayley Hasselhoff

Brick and mortar shopping options for plus-size women are utter crap. And even though there's a growing crop of online stores, we get sick of the same e-shops over and over. 

Time to go overseas! Yep, there are actually a decent number of European plus-size brands that ship to the US. It's great to be able to cross international waters and find clothing made for our bodies without ever having to board a plane. 

Here are 12 brands you're about to be obsessed with. 

(P.S. I left out ASOS Curve because it's so well known, but if you don't know about it, you are in for a sweet surprise and a big dent in your bank account.)


River Island is based in London and recently expanded its sizing to go up to size 24 US. But don't overlook some of the stretchy and oversize pieces in their straight size selection; I've had luck with those as well.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/DanielleVanier

Simply Be is another UK brand that I've been obsessed with for a few years now. They have one of the largest selections of plus-size clothing for every occasion.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/Hayet.Rida

Junarose is a Scandinavian brand and a tall girl favorite. Most dresses have long torsos in mind. Their sizes range from 12 to 24.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/Manfattan

Scantilly is Curvy Kate's extended cup size range. Here you'll find sexier options in a size DD to HH. The thing I love about Curvy Kate, a British brand, is that they feature actual customers in their campaigns.

photo: Instagram/DearScantilly

Lovedrobe is a British brand you may have seen while shopping ASOS, but it also has its own site! Going from size 18 to 32, I love Lovedrobe for its dresses and flowy tops.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/GaellePrudencio

OneOneThree is a UK-based brand with on-trend items; but things sell out fast so don't sleep on loading up your shopping cart!

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/OneOneThree

New Look's website doesn't ship outside of Europe, but you can find their items on ASOS Curve. The Zara-like brand goes from size 14-24.

international plus size brands
photo: Asos.com/Lovedrobe

Isolated Heroes has the Baddie Winkle seal of approval — so you know it's one in a million. The UK brand ships internationally and goes up to a size 20.

international plus size brands
photo: Isolatedheroes.com

London's Tara Starlet is a destination for all things vintage. Sizes go from 6 to 24.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/TaraStarlet

Ellos is a Swedish brand that just made the jump to the US. Their plus-size range runs generously from 10 to 38/40, and the highest priced item is a leather jacket that retails for $279.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/Ellos

Evans is a blogger favorite in Britain and beyond. Lingerie, clothes, shoes, accessories, wide-calf boots — it's a one-stop shop! Sizes range from 10-28.

international plus size brands
photo: Instagram/Evans

Our final UK brand is Elvi, a small but quickly growing source for higher end yet still reasonably priced clothes in size 14 to 26. They recently added Hayley Hasselhoff's new line and it's simply stunning.

international plus size clothing brands
photo: Elvi/Hayley Hasselhoff