After spending so many hours of my life on "America's Next Top Model," I was psyched to watch the latest season, especially after hearing about how "inclusive" this year's cast is. 

But unfortunately, after watching the Season 24 opener, I think the term "inclusive" should be taken with a grain of salt. Just take a look at the cast for yourself.

The opening of the episode celebrated body positivity, but the cast truly isn't as inclusive as the show brags.

From a first glance, the models appear to be more in-between or curve models rather than plus-size models. At a time when plus-size models are being celebrated more than ever, I wish that the selection of models actually did include people of all sizes.

Are you ready to meet the models? Here's Rio, below, who shared an intense story about having a tumor removed. 

Jeana revealed that she suffers from an auto-immune disease that causes hair loss.

Liberty ruffled feathers when she admitted that she's a Trump supporter. 

And you know they'll be coming back to this. 

Banks dubbed Coura an "alien," which is a pretty high compliment coming from her.

Yup, I know you want to know when I'll talk about the curve models. 

Still waiting...

No, not yet...

Fun fact: Maggie refers to herself as a "white homegirl." My goodness. 



Almost there.

OK, here's a curve model at last. Ivana, who is the curviest out of all the models, doesn't appear to be above a size 14/16. 

Body-positive activist Khrystyana is also more in-between than plus-size. 

Liz was another curve model on the show.

The show did have one truly inclusive moment, though. Erin, a 42-year-old grandmother, made it to the show's main cast of 15 models.

America's Next Top Model Vh1
photo: Screenshot/Vh1/Xfinity/America's Next Top Model

I low-key almost cried at this scene. Banks walked up to Erin and presented her with her picture, and tears were a-flowin'. It's beautiful that the show is truly age-inclusive (although I wish the show didn't exploit its over-40 contestant).

Another plus is that the cast, as usual, is pretty racially diverse. 

So although the show is still lacking when it comes to plus-size models, it gives me hope to see women of all races included, and it's especially wonderful to see women in the wide age range of 20 to 42 years old.

Unfortunately, though, if you're tuning in to see some plus-size representation, you'll be disappointed.

 C'mon, Tyra. Let's try to do better next season.