Handling a backhanded compliment is complicated. Someone may seem to have good intentions, but the way they praise you may make you feel worse than before. But rather than letting a shady compliment hurt her feelings, a top blogger proved it wouldn't get the best of her.

Blogger Mama Cax shared an Instagram post  describing how a male TSA agent told her she was "still beautiful" even though she has "one leg" — and how she made sure that type of comment didn't go unchecked.

"[T]hat's not a compliment!...[T]hat's like saying 'even though you're [B]lack I still think you're beautiful,'" she told the TSA agent.

YES. Cāx's beauty is not dependent upon whether or not she has a leg, which she effortlessly let that confused man know. 

Plus, Cāx is kind of a big deal, and regularly breaks society's definitions of beauty in her work. She's modeled in a White House Fashion Show, has been featured in an ASOS video campaign, and appeared in Glamour. Oh, AND she's a motivational speaker with a masters degree in International Relations. 

But she didn't stop there. After he told her to "Have a nice day!" she said, "[H]ave the day you deserve." 

And THAT'S how you do it, people. Although she noted that the agent apologized, Cāx shouldn't have been viewed as an exception to what's beautiful in the first place. 

Her followers agreed with Cāx, and loved her savage response!

"The [clapback] heard around the world," a follower said. 

Others could relate to her encounter too. 

"You're beautiful, PERIOD," a user commented.

The positive responses to Cāx's post demonstrated how far beauty standards have come, even though the agent's comment was a step back. If those within the body positivity movement continue speaking out and have supporters backing them up, backhanded compliments will hopefully discontinue.  

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