The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has a loooooooong way to go before it can be considered even remotely diverse. Between all the cultural appropriation and the obvious neglect of non-straight size women, the retailer has plenty of work to do.

Two sisters were tired of waiting for Victoria's Secret to actually represent women of ALL shapes and sizes — so they hosted an "anti-Victoria's Secret" fashion show. And it was way, WAY more diverse.

After watching last year's show, Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi decided to host one of their own.

“Every year we watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you start to look at the models and compare them to yourself," Alyse said in a video.

The show featured a truly diverse cast of non-models.

There was a woman in a wheelchair, a woman with a prosthetic leg, and all ages and body types were represented in the show.

 “It’s not about celebrating obesity or anorexia, it’s about breaking away from a stereotypical look of what is beautiful and celebrating who you are as a person,” Alyse told Yahoo.

Each woman in the show wore a costume that she designed herself.

The 21 women featured in the show wore what they would look and feel most confident in. Things like height, age, or skin didn't matter: each woman proudly flaunted her scars, her her lumps, bumps, and everything in-between.

To the sisters, it was something personal, too. This show was about showing that models don't have to fit into a narrow mold of beauty, and that things like height or ability shouldn't matter. Besides, if Victoria's Secret wasn't going to put someone on a runway for those reasons, they have a home here.

While the Scaffidi sisters used social media, friends, and family for their show this year, next year will (hopefully) be even bigger.

"We want to help change young women’s opinion of what’s considered beautiful,” Alyse says. “We want to help them embrace beauty in their uniqueness and differences, which will inspire them to chase after their dreams, regardless of society’s opinions.”

That's a message we can totally get behind.