Everyone pretty much assumes supermodels are just born shockingly beautiful, but plenty of models have disproven that notion by sharing their childhood photos and showing they have awkward stages just like the rest of us. One possible exception? Ashley Graham, whose childhood pictures apparently range from only mildly awkward to full-on stunning.

In her latest Instagram story, Ashley Graham shared plenty of adorable throwback pictures that show her journey from Nebraska kid into a household name. 

She shared TONS of throwback pictures with her fans, including a gorgeous prom photo that showed she was a Vogue cover model in the making. 

While most of us wore awkward cut-out gowns in shiny fabric, Graham went classic in black.

Her photos showed her supermodel glo-up. 

I'm proud that Graham is #teamglasses, too! 

"To this — in just [three] years," she said. 

From the voluminous hair to the bell bottoms, Graham was peak glam.

Even in her sillier photos, Graham knew her angles. 

We know Graham's beauty game is top notch IRL, so this was probably all in good fun. 

Hey, supermodels don't have to be serious ALL the time. 

These pictures are basically my two moods. 

Pout, but make it fashion. 

Graham's confidence was on display in every photo, proving that the way to beat awkward phases is to love yourself regardless.

Even if you feel like you haven't left your awkward stage yet, Graham's pictures show that confidence is key. Everyone may not be a supermodel, but you can always act like one.

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