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The second I tried on the edgy, all-black Casablanca Monokini in size 16, I knew I'd found my favorite.

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The Casablanca ($71, Swimsuits For All) comes in size 4 through 22 and is extremely My Personal Brand.

I found the corset-tie front on this suit genius because it gave me the option to put my best lady friends on full display or tie them all the way up for coverage and support.

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Of all the suits I tried from the collection, my breasts felt most comfortable — and sexiest — in the Casablanca.

I was intimated by how complicated the back of this suit looked before I stepped into it — getting it on did require some help.

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But it was worth it for that back view, eh? This suit, despite its complications, looked best from the back on me, I felt.

Needless to say, I felt pretty damn good in it.

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Watch and learn, other brands, because this is Pandering To Nicola 101 right here.

The exact same went for Jovanna in the Tangier Swimsuit in size 16.

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Also in sizes 4 to 22, the Tangier ($71, Swimsuits For All) made all of us, Jovanna included, shout "DAMN" once it was on.

"I had NO complaints," she said. "In fact, I looked fire."

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And she was right. This suit, unlike a few others, was perfectly cut for someone with a bigger bust — the string detailing that held the suit together at the front, she thought, was what made this suit both revealing and safe for movement.

"I felt sexy AND covered."

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Jovanna also had to address the turquoise details, which she felt elevated this from a basic animal print suit to something unique and fashionable.

Lastly, I tried the Zagora Bikini in a size 16 on top and bottom.

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The Zagora ($67, Swimsuits For All) also comes in — you guessed it — sizes 4 through 22.

I had reservations about this suit because string tops they cooperate with my boobs, which do this very cute thing where they kind of try to run away from one another? If the Taza Bikini's top was a boob hammock, the Zagora's was a swing set.

The girls looked and felt just fine, I just wouldn't go running on the beach in this any time soon.

Everyone at the shoot fawned over this dangling jewelry in the smack dab middle of the string top.

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Which, I have to admit, was another feature I'd never really seen on a plus-size swimsuit.

But my favorite part was THOSE MESH SIDES, THO.

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These panels were just big enough that they didn't feel pointless, but not so large that I felt I was naked.

The final verdict? This collection is a MAJOR improvement from Graham's past ones — especially when it comes to accurate sizing.

They might be designed for someone with a similar hourglass shape to Graham's, but that definitely shouldn't stop you from wearing any of these suits with pride. We had zero issues finding our correct sizes, but bustier babes might feel more comfortable in the collection's one pieces or underwire top choices thanks to their added support.

Claps for you, Graham — these suits get more and more fire every year.

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