If you've been looking to combine your love of tattoos and your star sign, boy, do we have the combination for you.

AstroFrecks are a surprisingly low-key way of incorporating your astrological sign on your face without, you know, getting a tattoo of a fish or scorpion.

The idea was developed by Jessica Knapik, a cosmetic tattoo artist at Depot Town Tattoo in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

"As many people are right now, I'm super into crystals and what your best intentions can do, and sending your goals and wishes out into the universe. So [the idea for Astrofrecks] just sparked from that," Knapik told Bustle. "I also love things with hidden meanings. This way you could get your Mom's astrological sign, your Dad's, your Grandma's, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says 'Mom.'"

What makes the tattoos so cool is that they're like a little secret.

The idea is that the tattoo just looks like freckles on your face — at first glance. The freckles won't spell out "scorpio," instead, each freckle will be like a star in each sign's constellation.

For example, the one Knapik did was of a Virgo constellation. How cute!

If you love the idea of AstroFrecks but aren't into how ~permanent~ the look is, you're in luck.

AstroFrecks are semi-permanent, and are applied using different techniques than regular tattooing. What that means is that the cosmetic freckle tattoos will be less harsh on your skin — which is all the better, because it's literally on your face.

In order to make the freckles look natural, Knapik makes sure each freckle looks a little different.

Just like applying fake freckles with a pencil, you have to be careful not to make them look symmetrical or too methodical. Knapik makes sure each freckle is a slightly different color and size.

As for us, we can't get enough of these starry freckles.

Kira Kira filter totally optional.