From a curve Barbie doll to a 96-year-old limitied edition Iris Apfel doll, the Barbie “look” is no longer as one-note as it once was. In fact, many women can now see themselves represented in Barbie thanks to the increase in body, race, and age diversity for the dolls — which is a good thing, because although Barbie fans may not play with the toys as much as they did as when they were kids, she still serves as an icon beyond the toy shelves. 

Now, thanks to the size-inclusive Barbie and Unique Vintage collaboration, women of all backgrounds can become Barbie in their own way. 

Most of the pieces in the collab range from XS up to a size 4X, because every size should be able to represent Barbie!

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Available up to a size 4X. 

Swing skirt ($88, Unique Vintage

From gowns to wedding dresses to sundresses and accessories, this collection offers a wearable approach to Barbie's looks. Pieces such as the Barbie silhouette purse and the swing skirt pay homage with a grown-up approach. 

They all recreate iconic looks in Barbie history, such as this black gown with a removable tulle skirt. 

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Solo in the spotlight dress ($134, Unique Vintage

IRL Barbie would definitely appreciate the detachable skirt

Items in the collection go up to $210, although many are less expensive than that.

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Nautical pencil dress ($110, Unique Vintage

There is even a Barbie-inspired wedding dress that's under $300! 

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Ivory wedding dress ($210, Unique Vintage

To see more of the collection visit Unique Vintage! 

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