Plus-size women are attacked daily on the internet. We're inundated with trolls in our body-positive spaces, we're sent lewd and rude private messages, and of course, because it is 2017, we are meme'd.

Body-positive coach, activist, and #ScarredNotScared creator Michelle Elman is on a mission to change plus-size internet culture, one meme revamp at a time. 

Her Instagram account, @bodypositivememes, takes user-submitted (and personally found) fat-shaming memes and corrects them to make them more BOPO.

Ranging from witty to moving, her editing is brilliant. Here are a few of our favorites:

It still us!

These are not alternative facts...


Want a beach body? Take it to the beach.

Even Queen B. gets "involved."


Because you are.

Busting two shitty stereotypes in one.

Don't you dare compare!

Boy, BYE!

You're great, just the way you are.

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Go on and love the shit out of yourself, you deserve it.