Bad Fat Broads

Bad Fat Broads is a podcast hosted by two friends, Ariel and KC. Both Ariel and KC are fat-acceptance activists and all-around badasses. A refreshing voice in the era of Trump, both women discuss queer issues, reproductive rights and spirituality with an easy, non-judgmental air. 

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The Guilty Feminist

iYou know I had to give you a British one! The Guilty Feminist is hosted by comedian and writer, Deborah Frances-White. Subscribe with the quickness if British wit and a healthy dose of putting mens' rights trolls in their place speaks to you.

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The Recovery Warrior Podcast

The Recovery Warrior Podcast is a nurturing voice for people battling and recovering from disordered eating. The podcast features survivors aka "recovery warriors" as well as health professionals often. 

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Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend will make you laugh and maybe cry a little. The friendship between Ann and Aminata is so pure it sometimes makes you (as the title suggests) call your girlfriend. They even got the Robyn song as their intro... so you know it's good!

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Fat Girls Club

Starring plus-size influencers Jess Torres and Liesel Binx, Fat Girls Club is the most honest look at issues facing plus people today. From random "compliments" to shopping while fat, this podcast feels like you're hanging out with your funniest friends. Subscribe on iTunes!

Why Won't You Date Me?

There are few comedians as delightful as Nicole Byer. I'd go so far as to say, she's in fact my favorite comedian, and as such, her podcast is one that I listen to upon entering my podcast queue. I simply can't wait. Waiting would be rude to her and myself. 

She's a fat woman. She's a hilarious woman. And she's single. She's my best friend (in my mind).

Find out more about Why Won't You Date Me.

She's All Fat

The award for best podcast name wholeheartedly goes to She's All Fat

April and Sophia's following has been growing steadily — and with good reason. They did a stellar interview with Vice and have their own fat-positive vernacular. "Fatmily" is a personal fave.

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Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You dives deep into the topics your mom would've been too embarrassed to chat with you about — including body image, relationships, and health — in an honest way. But that's exactly why it's so fun. We all need safe spaces, and this is a safe space that's also funny.

2 Dope Queens

You might've come across 2 Dope Queens via their HBO special — but if you're not listening to their weekly live comedy podcast, you're missing out. It features hilarious — but very real — conversations with diverse actors and comedians about bodies, race, hair, dating, life in New York, and Billy Joel. Subscribe and do yourself a favor.

Oprah's Supersoul Conversations

I'd be hard-pressed not to throw Oprah into any list I was writing about feeling good about yourself. So, why fight myself? 

Supersoul Conversations is brilliant. Oprah has talked to some of the most important leaders in wellness and spirituality: Maya Angelou, Brene Brown and The Rock (my personal fave). She goes deep into eating and the way we treat ourselves through food. Nourishing and feel-good, it's at the top of my queue for sure.

Affirmation Pod

Our girl, Josie Ong, is for the people. Her Affirmation Pod is short and sweet and full of calming reassurance to ease the self-doubt we torment ourselves with. 

Her messages are clear and concise. "I am enough" and "My normal is not your normal" are compassionate reminders that our lives are ours to live. Check out Affirmation Pod right here.

Body Kindness

"Health at any size" is the beckoning call for host and registered dietitian, Rebecca Scritchfield. Body Kindness is a warm and easy listen for folks who have battled with chronic dieting. Scritchfield welcomes an array of topics, from body image to faking orgasms. Check it out right here.

The Read

Hosted by Crissle and Kid Fury, The Read is for your mind and soul. The namesake "read" is at the very end of the podcast where the hosts give an impassioned criticism of their idiot of the week, be it AT&T or Donald Trump. The two friends stan hard for Beyonce and cut down misogyny and shaming at every chance they get. Check it out here.

Fearless Rebelle Radio

Anti-dieting and feminism in one lovely Canadian podcast? Yes, please!

Summer Innanen is the host of FRR, and as the title suggests she gets a little rebellious. For Innanen, "diet culture is punitive" and it works to belittle certain bodies. YES QUEEN. She works on self-worth from the ground up, not the outside in. After two minutes listening to Fearless Rebelle Radio I thought to myself, "she gets it." No matter where you are in your body positivity journey, she'll help you get it, too.

Fat AF Podcast

FAF Podcast is dedicated to fat sex, and Jesus H. Christ is this bad boy long overdue. It's a refreshing and feminist and body-positive answer to anyone who's asked "Why aren't fat people allowed to talk about sex?" Exactly. Listen and subscribe right here.

Nutrition Matters

Paige Smathers, host of Nutrition Matters, has one of those voices that is so soothing you KNOW she's full of wisdom. And she is. Paige advocates for intuitive eating, and the Nutrition Matters podcast is a window into balanced eating that many — including myself — have struggled with. Subscribe here.