The past few weeks have proven male trolls have no shame when it comes to making unnecessary comments about a woman's body.

Some dumb dumb felt the need to tweet on how he feels about "girls with no ass."

Besides blatantly body shaming women who don't look the way he likes, he seems to suggest that a woman solely exists for the approval and desire of men. 


Twitter came to the rescue real quick.

Nobody can throw shade quite like Rihanna.

Some dropped truth bombs.

Well said, girl.

Big booty, little booty, in-between booty — none of your business, dude.

However, the best responses came from women who demonstrated how few fucks they give when they DO walk past misogynistic trolls.

Same, TBH.

Us "girls" aren't worried about you.

Queen RiRi doesn't give a damn what any man thinks of her.

And no woman should, either.

Reminder: Women don't exist solely for the pleasure of men.

We don't exist to be cat-called, gawked at, or to "make a man's day." Our butts belong to us, and anyone who feels the need to shame them shouldn't be looking at them, anyway.

Hopefully this troll learned a lesson.