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Look back at it.

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Toss out your full-coverage swimsuits — bury them, set them on fire, forget they exist. 

It took way too long for plus-size bikinis (aka fatkinis) to become common, but just as soon as they've arrived, they're being reborn: Ladies and gentleman, we are living in the summer of the buttkini. 

What is a buttkini, you ask? Brazilian in style, a buttkini can be a one- or two-piece bathing suit. It's cut high on the hips with only a small triangle of fabric to cover the bum. Basically, if a thong could blush with modesty, it would be a buttkini. 

You won't find a better poster girl for the body-positive buttkini than Ashley Graham.

She really did her part to put the curvy girl's buttkini on the map. Well done, Graham. 

Fellow Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady is no stranger to butt cleavage, either.


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Killing it in baby blue, Hannah.

photo: Instagram/fatkyliejenner

She doesn't go by the moniker "Fat Kylie Jenner" for nothing. 

Nadia Aboulhosn slays in a black buttkini.

LBB  — little black buttkini. 

Butt cleavage + side boob = SLAY.

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Enough said.

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Buttkinis are perfect for booty shaking.

I need this swimsuit, ASAP.

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In the words of this blogger, CARPE THAT FREAKING DIEM.

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"It's a tough world. In a society where even the thinnest of thin can find their rolls and focus on their cellulite... how's a big girl supposed to ignore them? The fact is, she doesn't. She owns them. She recognizes them as a part of who she is. We need less images that shame these folds, creases, and bumps on our body." — Anna O'Brien, Glitter and Lazers.