cardi b red carpet
photo: Splash News/Jackie Brown

Even though it was her first Grammys, Cardi B owned it. She was nominated for two awards and walked the red carpet as a beautiful ice queen with her little sister. She even performed at the Grammys with Bruno Mars, but despite all this, all Instagram could talk about was her stomach hair. Sigh. 

On Moschino's Instagram, eagle-eyed haters spotted hair on Cardi B's stomach and proceeded to lose their minds. 

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Look, people, stomach hair is a very normal thing to have (and hey, if you don't have it naturally that's OK too). But shaming celebrities (who are human, too!) for maybe forgetting to shave their stomach hair is not cool. Cardi B is a BUSY woman, so sorry if she was more focused on delivering a flawless Grammy performance — which she did — rather than pleasing the stomach hair police. 

Instagram users suddenly turned into body hair experts in the photo's comments.   

"Y'all see her happy trail though," another commenter said. 

News flash: Not all models shave before working! 

Of course, not all comments were negative. Some commenters defended Cardi B and called out the body shaming. 

At the end of the day, people should be discussing Cardi B's phenomenal career rather than just her body hair. 

Whether or not it was intentional, Cardi B showed that body hair is natural and shouldn't be something to be too worried about. Cardi B is known for keeping it real, and why shouldn't that extend to her body hair? 

Most importantly, Cardi B probably has more Grammy nominations than all the hair-shamers, so I think the picture speaks for itself.