Whether you choose to let your body hair run wild and free or prefer to be as slick as a dolphin, it's your choice — and you look totally flawless, regardless. 

And while Paris Jackson has made headlines this summer for her body hair, she isn't the first celebrity to let her leg and armpit hair hang out in the world. Plenty of stars have flaunted their body hair, and they're all right here in their stubbly glory.

Julia Roberts showed some pit hair.

Roberts showed off her armpit hair at the 1999 premiere of "Notting Hill." Really digging that sequin dress, too.

Madonna gave zero fucks.

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She showed off her "long hair" with pride.

Mo'nique isn't shy about her leg hair.

It didn't stop her from winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Precious."

Bella Thorne isn't shy about her leg stubble, either.

Flaunting that hair like a boss.

Celine Dion performed with hairy legs.

Celine Dion
photo: Fashion World Magazine

The press lost their shit, but the world kept on turning.

And Tyra Banks apparently never shaves her legs.

The supermodel revealed that her leg hair is so light, it's practically invisible — so why bother with a razor?

Jemima Kirke doesn't care what you think of her pit hair.

Jemima Kirke hairy armpits
photo: Splash

She bared her hair for the CFDA awards.

Even Beyonce can miss a spot.

Beyonce armpit hair
photo: Splash

Not like I expect Queen Bey to shave her own armpits, but still #flawless.

Drew Barrymore flashed some armpit hair.

Drew Barrymore armpit hair
photo: E! News

It's totally on-brand with her hippie, flower child aesthetic.

Paris Jackson has been a purveyor of body hair since forever.

Her leg hair and armpit hair have made multiple appearances over the last year.

Penelope Cruz slays, as always.


Lisa Bonet made armpit hair sexy.


But Sophia Loren is the body hair OG.

So classy. So fabulous.