It's alarmingly easy — like, really, really easy — to shame other people's bodies, whether you mean to do it or not. That goes especially for people who feel shame or guilt about their own bodies. By nature, people internalize the negative messages they receive about their own bodies and in turn project the negative emotions created onto the people they see and hear from on a daily basis. Because of this, most of us (even us plus-size women) are a little bit responsible for enforcing body unrealistic body standards... because we believe them!

Think about it this way: Have you ever watched a video clip of the Kardashians or a similar crop of celebrities and couldn't help but notice (and say out loud) that they're looking a little chubbier these days? I know I have. Though you might not be making a comment about your own body, or even the body of a person you know in real life, the fact that you commented on someone's weight still holds an effect on the way you feel about your own body.

And recent studies prove that. Though you might not think about it on a daily basis, the things you think and say about celebrity bodies have direct and drastic effects on your mental health and body image. Learn the details of this new study below.