Christian Siriano has quickly emerged as a champion for body positivity. He designs for all women: curvy, plus-size, straight-size, young, old. 

For Teen Vogue's Open Letter series, Siriano commented on what it truly means to be body positive as a designer.

He argued that fashion shouldn't just be for the young and thin.

Initially, Siriano just wanted to design for women "who wanted to feel and look amazing when they wore them: women who were excited about getting dressed." 

But his mission only grew, with Siriano wanting to combat the idea that only certain people can wear certain clothes.

"What is the size of my body? Where did I grow up? How many birthdays have I had?" Siriano told Teen Vogue. "None of that should matter when it comes to buying or wearing a piece of clothing. Somewhere along the way we lost the message that fashion is fun. Getting dressed should be one of the easiest and most exciting parts of the day. Self-expression is one of the greatest gifts of being human!"

Rules and fashion shouldn't mix.

According to Siriano, rules and restrictions "are the antithesis of art." 

"There are still designers who balk at the idea of dressing a larger woman, or a woman from a background deemed unworthy," he stated. "These are designers for whom restrictions have been placed upon themselves, by themselves."

Truer words have never been spoken. Just look at all the designers who refused to dress Leslie Jones or were unable to dress Rachel Bloom.

He finished his letter with a powerful statement about beauty.

Get your tissues ready.

"All people are beautiful. There is no correct size, shape, color, or age," he said. "As a creator of fashion, I celebrate the body that wears my work. What an honor to be chosen, to be appreciated, and to be seen. That honor extends in both directions."

Siriano's work truly speaks for itself. And with the roster of celebrities he helps dress, it's no wonder he's such a beloved figure.